Week 5: Beginning + Updates

A week has passed, and now is Week 5!!!!! (Btw, that pic above is a coconut.. freaky I know) haha

Holy Moly, can't believe we're going into Spring!! You can totally feel the warm weather which feels so nice, and winter feels so short... this is the best ever!

I have never liked winter that much, and I love Fall and Spring season the best, Summer is just ridiculous cause here in Sydney, it can reach more than 35 degrees. LOL

Anyway, what have I been doing in the past week?

  • Firstly, Last Wednesday I went back to TKD under the new coach (Master Hong) in my university. This is his picture above. He may look gnarly, but he is very attentive to his students and very friendly and discipline (This is what I like about TKD instructors...)

I believe those who learn under Master Hong will gain many benefits coz he is very much focussed on speed and stamina.

If you are interested in doing Taekwondo with him, visit his webpage: http://www.hongstkd.com.au/

  • Secondly, I have just started skateboarding at the age of 22!! HA HA HA. Well, this is my 2nd time putting my feet on a skateboard. I once did when I was 11 years old, using someone's skateboard without his consent. LOLLL *i was naughty*.
My tutor also gave me his old board (pic above)... On the board it says 'Rodney Mullen'. The guy who was his inspiration in starting skateboarding.

And this photo below was taken on my parking lot inside my apartment building (which is my training ground- it's dirty, hot and smelly), you can see the cement there and I fell down twice it's not funny coz it hurts! And I wasn't even wearing a helmet.

I had to master the Tic-Tac (one of the fundamentals of skateboarding, some said it's the basic trick).

WHY DO I HAVE TO MASTER IT? Because it's a freaking HomeWork from my mentor who was sponsored by General Pants but I don't think he's sponsored anymore so right now he is just mucking around coz of an accident 4 years ago. Does anyone here skateboard as well?

Well, I believe he is good and I think he's a good teacher. He showed me how he does all skateboarding basics and shared me his story of how he met his wife. Oh one more thing, once he jumped down 11 stairs. CRAZY! And also ollied more than 1 meter high, well I don't know if it's true or not... but I think he is capable of doing all that! If not, he wouldn't be my mentor HAHAHA

So on Saturday, after practicing for about 1 hour of standing, a bit of pushing, steering, rolling down a lil bit of hill, I did not even fall down.

He was kind of amazed that I didn't fall down on my first try of skateboarding coz all of his former students did fall down. hahaha

He just said that 'you have a really good centre of balance'.

Maybe it's due to TAEKWONDO!!!!!!!!! '

We skated in front of the Law building in my university and practically I was happy that no security guards are chasing us out. LOL

The weird thing is, I started out with not falling down but today when I was practicing on my parking lot (alone), I fell down badly. hahahahaha I made a fool of myself and laid there on the floor for like 30 seconds and screaming my head off. ARGH!!!!!!!!! I gotta become better before this Saturday!!

  • 3rd update: My certificate of egibility for the Japan student visa has not arrived yet. And my flight is on the 21st of September. I do not know why or what is going on!!!!!!

Man.... whatever happens, happens, I trust in GOD!!!!!!! If this is what He wants me to go through, I will go through it without fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, I have booked a Tsukiji Fish Market tour for about Yen 7500 or around 75 USD. Well, I don't mind going there at 4 am in the morning coz I love travelling and exploring. I have emailed our guide Mr. Naoto Nakamura and booked for me and my mom!!!

If you guys want to go to Japan and go on a tour, I think it's good to go with a local who knows inside out and not too very touristy.

This is his website: http://homepage3.nifty.com/tokyoworks/TsukijiTour/TsukijiTourEng.htm


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