Tuesday, November 29, 2011


What do you feel when you see delicious, mouth smouldering food, laying there in front of you?
Of course, a very natural reaction and a very natural answer, I believe.

But not when one needs to refrain for the goods of the body.
1st step is always hard but then the rest will get easier. ha ha ha ha
----------- That is totally random, Mell-------------------- hahaha

Well, I am going to write a very simple blog today.

Currently, life's been stressful, things do not always go the way you wanted them to be.

Where's the fun in that if what you get is always what you wished.
You'll take things for granted and become so obnoxious and prideful.

Now, now...
Recently, I am applying for a programme. I do not know whether I will pass it or not but I will have to anticipate for a long time to receive their reply.
It takes almost 8 months to go through all the process till the departure.

To be honest, at a point of your life, there are just things that we wish do come true because we want it badly and opting for all solutions that you can think of just to own that dream.
But I also have come across to the point that only when you give your plans to God, then you will not be disappointed.

I only live by the words of "ora et labora"
Meaning: work and pray, when you pray, you surrender your plans to God.

So if I pass the interview (well not knowing whether I will get one or not), then it's only by God's grace.

It's been really difficult finding a job in Australia, the government is a bit unstable, some of their political decisions are not wise.
Let alone the high Australian dollar, expensive labour market and also the decline of skilled-labour, people are made redundant/sacked/voluntary early retirement is everywhere, not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.

People try to secure their jobs and afraid of moving and exploring, afraid of the uncertainty of the future. It's been really tough for graduates like me in Australia, our population is not booming and can't really depend on overseas migrants.
I hate to say it, but everyone in Australia is a migrant LOL only the Aborigines are the true Australians.

ANyway, I do wish to return to my homeland if I am valued there. I like to open more opportunities and learn more about my homeland, I like to learn and pile more knowledge to use in the future, either for business or leisure.
I only hope for the best.

Oh, this few days I've been reading a book called "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.
A very God-focussed book, that takes you into a 40 day journey, one chapter a day about what is the purpose of your life.

Without a purpose, you won't have passion, you won't have drive.
I am currently up to Day 3 and it's already a mindblowing book that you can't put down but I have to if not how will I take a shower right? he he he

Apart from that, I am going back to my homeland next week.
I can't wait to experience the traffic, the food, I also miss my friends very much.
Hoping to make them drive me around heehehehehe I'll be there for around 3.5 weeks, plenty of time though and in the midst of it all, I'm going to Bunaken in Manado in the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

A diving spot.

he he he he

Well, December will be a good month, full of blessings and happiness.
My birthday is coming soon too.
But I don't think I'll celebrate it. ha ha ha ha

I hate to be reminded of how old I am LOL urgh, I think a wrinkle just popped up there gyaaaa......

Okay, I hope whoever reads this blog had fun reading it.
I will update you all again in near future.



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