Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The meaning of Marriage

The current generation of marriage is totally different in essence, ethics and morals compare to our older generations, simply our parents and grandparents.

I think there is a large gap since the growth and development of social media contribute to the extensive knowledge of other cultures and sub-cultures in other societies. They influence many of our opinions and interests, extending our power even more less than yesterday's knowledge.

But I wonder if people especially in my culture, in this country that I live in especially those close to me know the real meaning of marriage.
What does it mean to be married?
Is it only vows that you spoke of in front of the altar, then you forget about it the next day when you have arguments.
Or, you run off to someone for simple matters?
Or, do you forget that being married also involve to your larger families (extended families)?

I can't judge anyone because I am not a judge, yet, an imperfect human being on that note.

On this blog, I would like to impose that marriage takes adulthood, takes responsibility of your spouse's feelings more than yourself on many and most occasions, balancing your own feelings towards your in-laws if you don't like them etc, or even to give an objective opinion because HONESTLY, who knows what they think of you!

Bottom line, I can't judge and I don't want to judge, I just wonder, why they deplete so much, selfish and cowardly.

I, dont, know.


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