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My 4th last week in Chiba University

Above is the group picture of the Architectural Design class field trip. I forgot where to.. OMG. hahahaha
Anyway, this is my 4th last week in Chiba University.
I am very sad when I think of spending my last few weeks here, the place where I fell in and out of love with people, the friendships I've made with countless numbers of people whom I treasure, the people I've found annoying to the bone but still grew some love for them in friendship and even the very open-minded Sensei who loves listening to my screwed-up Japanese for 2 hours every week and share a lot of love, family, career stories. I truly met amazing people.
But the journey has yet to end.
I learn a lot and arriving in Japan with knowing little vocabularies and no Japanese friends (yeah, blame my gym regime for taking over most of my time hahaha i love gym too much in Sydney :P), I surely made it alright not due to my own strength but because of prayers FROM family and friends who put their tremendous faith in God tha…