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My Ayang... ha ha ha

Dear readers,

It has been a while since my last post which was in May. It's been more than 4 months but I'm still here in Jakarta Indonesia.

Just a little update, now I am no longer a secretary, I am actually promoted as a supervisor! he he he
Secretary to the President Director may sound high-up there but trust me, I learn much more in this position.

I never regret it because knowledge is priceless.

Other thing, I am now with my boyfriend for more than half a year, still a long way to go but hey, life is about taking little leaps of faith and of course.. dancing to Gangnam Style ha hah ah aha ha

Okay, I posted that picture because THAT IS THE church camp where I met my boyfriend 2.5 years ago, out of all beautiful sceneries and interesting people I was surrounded with... I do not know why but I wanted to take his picture. AND when we had this game session, I only wanted to take his sole photo. No one else.
And, I did not know who he is at that time.

We did not even introduce…

Mellon in Jakarta UPDATE!

Hey girls and boys,

I have currently been working as an executive secretary in a Japanese company exactly 5 months and been in Indonesia for 6 months (roughly)!
My working hours is not that crazy, I wake up at 6.45 am and I finish work at 6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday but only half a day on Sats.

What I do in my company is not what most think about secretaries.
I don't put on make-up and do touch-ups every 15 minutes, maybe because I prefer brains over beauty. LOL
I assist 13 corporate officers including my president director, whether they are locals or expats mostly from senior managers, general managers, directors, commissioners and up to the President Director, liasing with our overseas counterparts, and I never discriminate. Always keep on low profile.

I do handle administrative works but I actually assist on the growth of our company.
For example, designing letters/envelopes/stationeries for the better good of the whole company, I do take care of their residencies (expats), ban…

Where have I been?

Hahahahaa..... I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still alive and well, I have not lost that much weight, still chubby and never really thought on anything that's related to dieting. :D

Anyways, I just took this picture trying out this gorgeous dress, for around 40AUD. Not bad ey?I didn't buy it FYI.
OK, let's talk about what have I been doing. Well, please forgive me for neglecting this blog, but it's never my intention !
I've been quite busy working, yes, thanks Lord, finally I nailed a job in this hard time.
But, it does not come with a cheap price, well I can't disclose many things here since the internet is a free space, with no privacy. Well, I got a job offer back in the middle of December and currently been working for almost 2 months. 3 months is the probation period, and hopefully afterwards I get reviewed on my work performance.
I pretty much enjoy my job without the politics, don…