Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today is the last day of May, so in turn I thought "Why not update this blog" ....

The topic is rather different and I picked it up from the news circulating around Facebook, that is animal cruelty.

Last night, Four Corners, a TV programme on ABC2 highlighted a serious issue around Australian cattle slaughtered inhumanely in Indonesian abattoirs.
The Indonesian abattoirs did not follow the correct methods of 'immediate slaughter' that may reduce stress on cattle, but instead, performed numerous methods that incur slow, painful death, not to mention leaving the animals 30 minutes to die or 33 stab wounds.

In Australia, abattoirs use stun gun on the head for immediate slaughter, but, Indonesian abattoirs seem not to like 'immediateness' but love seeing 'pain' on animals, hey at least that's what I seem to interpret.

The Indonesians have been performing numerous ways of slaughtering cattles especially during Lebaran. Goats/cattles, cut using hands with knife and left them to die, usually at the throat.

I see the similarities with the narrations on the video about cattle being slit on the throats.

THE PROBLEM: Australia wants to ban the Australian cattle export to Indonesia.

I see this as animal cruelty for some, but is it also the problem of slaughtering animal in a different way? (different country, different culture?)

For example, some people put crab to sleep in the freezer first then boil them straight away.
Some, directly stab the crab's gut and cut it open.

I don't think ban on export is the way to go since we all don't know the depth of this issue.

But deep down inside, I, TOO, want to see those cows being slaughtered in a peaceful death...

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I am so used to all the fast internet speed connection in Japan that I am calling my internet speed in Sydney as TURTLE, worst, SNAILS. :p

I think a couple of years ago I had a contract plan with the provider to max the plan.
HOWEVER, it seems to have not gone well due to many former talks about how this company performs afterwards.

SO, that should explain you my lack of updating!!!!

It is just not fun to write heaps of stories, with the slow photo uploads. That's just the deal breaker for me to upload anymore stuff.

In the meanwhile, I am planning to go back to my other home for 2 weeks.

Other great news, I have been catching up with my lovely friends here!
And my one other friend is coming back to Sydney permanently, I am excited that wherever Mell goes, everybody flocks as well. LOLLLLL

I still remember the last day I went back to Sydney in Japan, my sweet friend was crying heavily.

She said to me that out of everybody, mell is the person whom she can talk about anything and just feel at utmost comfort. I really want to bring her back with me heheheheeeeeeeee

My housemates also sent me messages that when sasa's gone, it's so quiet. No one meets and connects with each other, no meet ups.... That's SAD!!

When I remember all these memories, it reminds me of my grandpa who has passed away last week.

What I learn is that...Life is so short. You can die tomorrow or today. No one knows.

I don't want to leave this earth without any legacy when I die.
I don't want to be remembered as someone who caused severe heartbreaks, pains, heartaches, dysfunctional life on others, never asks somebody else how's their day or someone who never replies to someone who's been so caring and nice or a cold person who never gives anything or never loves SO that no one cries on your funeral day.

NO WAY!!!!!!!
Treasuring people by being gentle and always strive on what you have for others may seem as weak by some people.
or even SOFT.

But come on, these days are evil. Let's do good, peace and not hate each other anymore.
Spread gentleness and comfort and support each other.

Up till this moment, I am grateful to what I have.

After all those heartbreaking events in Japan, feel unappreciated and unloved, dumped just like that, I have the spirit to say "Loe yg Rugi."
Not only towards somebody but to anybody who throws out someone else in their life just because of your selfish ambition (your work, your emotions etc). That's selfish and sad...

Now...... I have set myself a series of projects. As you know, if you used to read my 3 years ago blogs (which I have taken out). I was a multitasker, 2 jobs, taekwondo, gym, uni full time, extra-curricular activities, and another evening college, I am set and ready to take on the world once again.

This time, I don't feel lonely, I know people's saviour Jesus Christ is standing right by my side!
The Spirit is bigger than anything else.

And ... you're almost at the end of the blog now, let's all say..... AAAAAAMEN. heehheheheheehehehehheeheh

Awww, I want to shop in Shibuya (that's so random).

Love ya'll,

Monday, May 2, 2011

My 1st item

If things go well and blessed, the 1st will be all to God.
but, the 1st item that I wish.. is for a really good quality camera, not some digital funky one that you take pics with when you're just having fun.
The professional camera to document memories in your life, epic scenes that no money can buy.
That's what I think is awesome.
That's when one needs more than just a standard product.

Thinking of Canon or Sony.