Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 3: The Mid-Week

Fugu is so cute!
What is a fugu?

Fugu (河豚, , フグ?) is the Japanese word for pufferfish and is also a Japanese dish prepared from the meat of pufferfish (normally species of genus Takifugu,Lagocephalus, or Sphoeroides) or porcupinefish of the genus Diodon. Because fugu is lethally poisonous if prepared incorrectly, fugu has become one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japanese cuisine. (Wikipedia).

Sorry, that is so random.
Mid-week is pretty much moody, stressful and so un-focussed.
I had my sho-tesuto today and I did not read through the composition so I forgot a few Kanji. ARGH!!!

But it's OK. I will do better next time! I need to give myself a break.

Anyway, I posted a song by Human Nature and this instantly reminds me of how much I used to love Human Nature.
Maybe it is the only Australian pop band that I like. My sis used to like Silverchair, it's more of a rocker type thing. LOL

I remember the most melancholic but one of my favourites has to be Don't Say Goodbye, HANDS DOWN!
It is very mellow, melancholic, depressing song ever, but these days where Lady GAGA, Kesha reign the pop charts and oldies are forgotten, this may be a reminder and an irony why do artists never make this kind of songs anymore.

But, one of the better ones (and not so depressing) is Last to Know.

Oh well, just enjoy the MV and the song. Attached is the lyrics.
"Last to Know"
Where does love go
When you're not in love?
How does it feel when nobody wants it?
Tell me, does it float around
Like a little lost cloud
When a heart is not it's home?
What does love do
When it's not being used?
Feeling like it just don't belong
Tell me, is it laying awake in
the middle of the night
Just thinking 'bout what went wrong?
'Cause when I look in your eyes
It's just not there
When I hunger for affection
The cupboard is bear
I don't know why I heep holding on
When love's got the message
and it's already gone

Why am I always the last to know?
Tell me why is it always me alone
Still dancing when the party's over
Why am I always the last to see
Just a fool who believes you're
still in love with me
Even love can see it's over
I'm always the last to know

[ Find more Lyrics on ]
What do I do
'Till I'm back on my feet
Do I hang around and try to pretend
That I'm really over you
And it won't take long
'Till love says it's my turn again

'Cause when I look in your eyes
It's just not there
When I hunger for affection
The cupdoard is bear
I don't know why I keep holding on
When love's got the message
and it's already gone

Why am I always the last to know?
Tell me why is it always me alone
Still dancing when the party's over
Why am I always the last to see
Just a fool who believes you're
still in love with me
Even love can see it's over
I'm always the last to know

The next time I fall
I'll be taking my time
To find out if her heart is mine

Why am I always the last to know?
Tell me why is it always me alone
Still dancing when the party's over
Why am I always the last to see
Just a fool who believes you're
still in love with me
Even love can see it's over
I'm always the last to know

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 3: The Game

Life's been pretty good lately, seriously.
I feel God has answered one of my prayers in life, at least for now :)

Even though there are many mishaps such as being ID-checked by Japanese policemen TWICE!! (at least that's how I think of it hahaha)
Killer teacher in school!!
Also, having a fugu attack and causing numbness.

I, with all my heart, am willing to accept humbly. I will not complain, brood, or curse myself or God.
OF course, He is the one who creates me.

I have to accept myself and same goes for everyone out there who doubts themselves.
You have to be strong!!!
You are not alone!!!

You know..............
I will slowly smile again.
I will slowly laugh again.
I will slowly regain my confidence.
I will improve and perpetuate the things that need to be carried on.
I will too, someday, love again.

Because God is love... in Him, I have hope and faith.
I believe like a little child, that everything happens for the best, in His time not ours.

So in the meanwhile,, embrace life and no regrets.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week 2: Shopping LOL

Hello everyone!!
The above picture is me in an H&M dress.
Shoes that I wore: Vanity Beauty.
Belt: Bought in 1010.

I don't usually dress up in this kind of attire, it is due to the fact that I was performing an acapella with my friends in Church for the Easter Celebration on the 4th of April.
This is our group:

One guy is absolutely hilarious. He literally needs to tune up his voice with his I-phone E.V.E.R.Y. SINGLE T.I.M.E hahahahaha
One time we had a rehearsal and his mom came to visit him to Japan along with the rest of his family and she said "My son can sing?". Really, if my mom were to doubt me, I'd be crushed. hahaha

The above picture... me and my friend were cosplaying in a friend's birthday party on the 9th of April. (I know I know I am catching up on my life here in BLOGGER!! BEAR WITH ME).

I was originally going to be a police officer with thick red lips and sexy handcuffs.. UNFORTUNATELY, Daiso (like 100 yen shop) in Inage (the place where I used to live- that is where the Chiba International Dormitory is located) doesn't have the police uniform so I have to resort to the fake WIG.

When I came in people were like 'OMG, MELLISSA, YOU ARE MORTICIA FROM ADAM'S FAMILY" and I'm like "That's not WHO I HAVE IN MIND. I'm just supposed to be oldddd". hahaha watever...

Okay, so I did so many shopping this week I can't believe myself. I have to blame SHIBUYA!!!
I bought all this in the Shibuya 109!!!! I love that malls.

As you all know, you can get to Shibuya with JR Yamanote Line (the loop train- you can just ride on it and it circles forever to all the major train stations in Tokyo such as Harajuku, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Ueno, Nippori etc etc etc)

To get to Shibuya 109, you have to use the Hachiko Exit where you will see the Dog statue, famous because it waits for his (never returned) master for 11 years till it died. :D Sad story but it's supposed to be a punch for us humans who are not that faithful to our loved ones :P

Okay, these are the things that I bought:

SHOPPING PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Cute Bow hair tie and cute bow hair clip.
2. A black bag.
I know it looks ugly that's why I bought... (next picture)

3. Long, black, jewelled belt with 2 hooks on each ends.
so that the end product will look like this:

Well, it's not that bad I think. Previously, I found a really cute, pretty, girlish bag, big enough to carry to school, church but it does not have a sling which I prefer and it's got a really deep scratch on it.

I said to the Tenin (shop keeper) that I am willing to wait for 2-3 weeks if they can order it for me. But then they said they will not order anymore and it's the last one in the whole shop. (I know all the business tricks and stuff... but I guess this time they were honest.)

I mean, I really love that bag, love at first sight. But it's not worth it you know, the condition of the bag and the price that I have to pay, I want it to be perfect and flawless and no dent, stain or scratch..... hehehe I know I'm fussy.

AND SO..............................................................................

If you can accessorise to make things look better for a cheaper price, why NOT!!
Don't settle JUST FOR PRICE you know. :D :D


Okay, so that's it in Shibuya.

Next, is shopping for Make Up....

Story: When I was in my Japanese class, the aunties ... haha.. not aunties but the 2 married women in my class were having conversations about cosmetics.

As a major fan of moisturiser, I have to join in their conversation and make contributions!! haha Sharing is a part of a girl's life you know... yea.. gossiping too (psst.. guys do it too!! haha)

Anyway, I heard some stuff about DHC and also Dr. Ce La Bo (? hahahaha i was thinking of placebo and placenta, whatever, it doesn't make sense... my brain that is.)

So, after providing them about my own experience of moisturiser which I bought, I found my way to Kinshichou (a station after Ryougoku) which is a major hub town centre, not as big as Akihabara or Chiba or Tokyo or SHibuya etc... but it is pretty nice to see all the major department stores there (they even have starbucks yeayyy)...

I set out to this Mall next to the train station called Livin.
On the 6th floor, they have the 100 Yen shop, despite what they advertised not everything is 100 yen (i know..BS), BUT THEY HAve cosmetic brands there like Maybelline, Revlon all the department store brands even canmake.. etc and.. yea.. you guessed it... they have DHC!!!!!!!!!!

So here are the things that I bought:

Left: DHC powder in Healthy
Middle: Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl (Easy Wash in Black).
I tried this mascara last night when I was just dead bored and not wanting to do any HWK.
Because I have straight, not-thick Asian freakin eyelashes, I need to curl my lashes first with my curler (therefore, the Mascara is helpless even though it says it will curl eyelashes after you apply it).

After using the curler, I applied one layer, it dries up so quickly, and when I apply the 2nd layer I feel that it's so sleek, soft but as I said it dries quickly it tends to clump a bit. But I am quite happy. It doesn't feel heavy at all!

The reason why I did not buy the Waterproof one is because my eyelashes fall off easily. (I heard great reviews about the waterproof one).
And I hate rubbing off my eyes for waterproof make-up even though they hold your lashes/make-up well especially if you sweat or you have an oily skin.

The tube is rather large and short, very chubby if you may say so.
But with the pretty chromatic pink circle that wraps the upper top of the tube's mouth it's really girly and feminine.
The brush is really thick and not suitable for my short eyelashes near the corner of my eyes.

I also have read from one blog that she gets clumps and needs to brush it out.
But I think it is because (AGAIN!) it dries quickly.

Well, in the end this is my 1st mascara ever since Anna Sui Mascara that I used to own in Sydney. I love Anna Sui mascaras because they smell nice like rose. Not like those chemical smells that leave you feeling dizzy.

Okay, I think I will give this Mascara about 7 (because I have short eyelashes, it dries too fast, the brush is too thick).
Lovin it because it's a pretty design, it does not weigh your lashes down, soft and silky and does hold your lashes AND, easy to remove. heheheeeeeee (just the way I want).

Right: Kose - Moisture Mild
I like this moisturiser because for one and only sole reason, NOT OILY and feels like a moisturiser without feeling too watery.
One word: GREAT.
Now all I need is eye cream I am AGING.. FAST and I am not even 24 yet. LOL

This is DHC scrub: apricot and black sesame seeds grinded to its finest textures.

I tried this product and it does not leave my skin dry, chapped or peeled off. I really recommend people using this after you wash your face using your regular face wash.

Only use this 1-2x/week.
I just get the impression if you use scrub too much, your face will produce more oil.

I mean, scrub is there to SCRUB off dead skin cells.
One more important information, if you have severe pimples I do not really recommend using scrub. It may irritate your pimples more and cause them to flare.

I also bought this one in Shibuya. I bought this product because it says that it's for hair (d'uh, obviously) heuheuhe.

And it says "silk pro-design". Anything with silk and hair, I WANT. lolllll
Because I am always attracted to things with those words in it.

The 1st time I tried it, I squeezed too much out of the tube and just slathered them to my hair and yea... too much of anything is never good.

But hey, with the right amount, actually it left my hair straight and not frizzy. Especially at the ends.
It does not have any smell to it.
I would prefer if it has, but I usually spray my perfume to my hair anyway.

So enough about shopping!!

This week there is nothing much that's been going on in school. Except for the grueling homeworks, the all spontaneous answering and creating grammar sentences on the spot!

What I like about the Naganuma School is that we have this Laboratory where we need to practice our intonations.

It is so funny speaking to the computer and listen to the recorded voice and repeating and analysing the mistakes.
In this way, you will improve your intonations.

Western people tend to use power/strengths/stresses in their speech. Chinese people have a hard time saying the du (tzu), everything with ten-ten.
But Japanese people tend to use the high and lows in their voice to distinguish the particles, endings etc.
I myself have big problems with combining "n" and 'ya/yo/ye" so if I need to say the word "Honya (book store)" I will say it like "Hon nya". hahahaha

Apart from that, from every Friday, I will attend the Naganuma circle where it is about Japanese and International cultures.

They say that we will take turns and teach the class something from our cultures.
Since I have 2 cultures embedded in me, I just need to choose either Indonesian or Australian. hahahahahahhaha

I feel grateful to be born in Indonesia and lived there for 11 years and grew up in Sydney for the next 11 years and I don't know where else will I stay. LOL

So, that is all the update I have for Week 2!!! hehe Looking forward to Week 3.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 1: New School

                  写真の場所:  奈良 (Nara)

It's been a while since I update anything in here. For the last 2 years, blogger's been my pillow for everything that I've experienced.

Ever since I joined Taekwondo in USYD, the Arts classes in USYD, my uni life, my love life, now I have to set them in discreet.
Can't blab them all in detail, ritteeeee?

1. I have finished my exchange in Chiba University. YEAY!!!
2. I have moved to a new area called Ryogoku (両国)leaving all my beloved friends back there in 田舎 hahahaha.
3. I am going to a new school in Shibuya (渋谷), been said that it's a really strict Japanese language school from all the reviews and that's what makes it best. LOL *I'm the Queen of Lateness, this school will damage my reputation* LOL
4. I received an approval from a lecturer back in USYD for a change of subject. Now all I need is just to send all the documentations and ship them to University of Sydney. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for the credit transfer processes! It'll be problematic if things do not go well, massive headache!! よかった!!

By the way, I really miss my bicycle. I left it in Chiba University dormitory(千葉大学寮) and have not picked it up at all. I'm scared it'll go rusty.
I want the home service post to deliver the bike to Ryougoku (両国)so I can travel around, cruising, slightly looking right and left who knows there are some cute guys around hehehe *smirk*

Well, I hope my bike is doing alrite there... I will pick u up someday baby. LOL

So anyway, what happened today?As usual, MANIN DENSHA!! (満員電車)(jam packed train) especially when I transferred(乗り換え) in Yoyogi (代々木駅) on the Yamanote Line (山手線) to Shibuya (渋谷駅). It's more horrendous!!

Honestly, I think SOMEBODY FARTED!!! *grosssssssssssss*(大おなら!!!)
i FEEL so sorry for my lungs. They have to work extra hard to filter out the toxic gas.
Seriously, next time, I'll just eat red beans, cabbage and eggs the night before.. HAH!! See if you can beat that you anonymous farter. LOL

It was a rainy day and really annoying...60% precipitation, gosh, Japan is really wicked when it comes to weather. Most of the time it's accurate. And today is one of those days.
It's just rain non-stop!!! (一日中、雨が降ってっ!)
Sometimes I wish Australia can have this much rainfall because we need water so much.
Skip the weather topic! Then, I went straight to the school, registered and still unable to pick up my passport today.
I also did a placement test and they gave me the Basic 2 Elementary level and like 3 interviews in total to determine which class I belong to.

Finally... the result is.... i am in C1.
BAHAHAHAHA which means Chuukyuu 1 (Intermediate 1・中級1).
In this school Intermediate only has 2 levels. The higher one is called Intermediate 2 (C2) and the lower one is Intermediate 1 (C1).

Then, another interview(面接)!!!(ENDLESS, OMG)
But this time, I am quite lucky. The lady did not properly interview me, instead she was fascinated with this gorgeous boy(スペイン人) beside me LOL
I am used to this kind of treatment already, yeah... in Japan, I feel people judge you MORE based on your skin and face.

Using Indonesian here: boleh dibilang mereka memuja yang namanya orang bule.
But yeah, thank you (ありがとう)for judging me based on my appearance. Thank you for not conversing with me. Well, the guy has more experience anyway and his life story is very interesting unlike mine, DULL. hahahahha

Tomorrow, I have to arrive in school at least 20-30 mins early than usual to find out about the classes whereabouts.
That just means waking up at 6:00 AM.

I can't laze around and pull an allniter anymore, ey? Sucks. But at least my sleeping pattern will be back to normal and I really want to live a new, orderly life, better than before.

Most importantly, forget the bad memories I had in the past 6 months.
Surely I will always remember the good ones.

I am looking forward to a brand new day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you God, my saviour Jesus Christ for giving me a chance to stay in Japan for another year.
I can't thank You enough. (主様、ありがとう)