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Week 3: The Mid-Week

Fugu is so cute!What is a fugu?
Fugu(河豚, , フグ?) is the Japanese word for pufferfish and is also a Japanese dish prepared from the meat of pufferfish (normally species of genus Takifugu,Lagocephalus, or Sphoeroides) or porcupinefish of the genus Diodon. Because fugu is lethally poisonous if prepared incorrectly, fugu has become one of the most celebrated and notorious dishes in Japanese cuisine. (Wikipedia). hahahaha
Sorry, that is so random. Mid-week is pretty much moody, stressful and so un-focussed. I had my sho-tesuto today and I did not read through the composition so I forgot a few Kanji. ARGH!!!
But it's OK. I will do better next time! I need to give myself a break.
Anyway, I posted a song by Human Nature and this instantly reminds me of how much I used to love Human Nature. Maybe it is the only Australian pop band that I like. My sis used to like Silverchair, it's more of a rocker type thing. LOL
I remember the most melancholic but one of my favourites has to be Don't Sa…

Week 3: The Game

Life's been pretty good lately, seriously.I feel God has answered one of my prayers in life, at least for now :)
Even though there are many mishaps such as being ID-checked by Japanese policemen TWICE!! (at least that's how I think of it hahaha) Killer teacher in school!! Also, having a fugu attack and causing numbness.
I, with all my heart, am willing to accept humbly. I will not complain, brood, or curse myself or God. OF course, He is the one who creates me.
I have to accept myself and same goes for everyone out there who doubts themselves. You have to be strong!!! You are not alone!!!
You know.............. I will slowly smile again. I will slowly laugh again. I will slowly regain my confidence. I will improve and perpetuate the things that need to be carried on. I will too, someday, love again.
Because God is love... in Him, I have hope and faith. I believe like a little child, that everything happens for the best, in His time not ours.
So in the meanwhile,, embrace life and no re…

Week 2: Shopping LOL

Hello everyone!!
The above picture is me in an H&M dress.
Shoes that I wore: Vanity Beauty.
Belt: Bought in 1010.

I don't usually dress up in this kind of attire, it is due to the fact that I was performing an acapella with my friends in Church for the Easter Celebration on the 4th of April.
This is our group:

One guy is absolutely hilarious. He literally needs to tune up his voice with his I-phone E.V.E.R.Y. SINGLE T.I.M.E hahahahaha
One time we had a rehearsal and his mom came to visit him to Japan along with the rest of his family and she said "My son can sing?". Really, if my mom were to doubt me, I'd be crushed. hahaha

The above picture... me and my friend were cosplaying in a friend's birthday party on the 9th of April. (I know I know I am catching up on my life here in BLOGGER!! BEAR WITH ME).

I was originally going to be a police officer with thick red lips and sexy handcuffs.. UNFORTUNATELY, Daiso (like 100 yen shop) in Inage (the place where I used to live- …

Week 1: New School

写真の場所:  奈良 (Nara)

It's been a while since I update anything in here. For the last 2 years, blogger's been my pillow for everything that I've experienced.

Ever since I joined Taekwondo in USYD, the Arts classes in USYD, my uni life, my love life, now I have to set them in discreet.
Can't blab them all in detail, ritteeeee?

1. I have finished my exchange in Chiba University. YEAY!!!
2. I have moved to a new area called Ryogoku (両国)leaving all my beloved friends back there in 田舎 hahahaha.
3. I am going to a new school in Shibuya (渋谷), been said that it's a really strict Japanese language school from all the reviews and that's what makes it best. LOL *I'm the Queen of Lateness, this school will damage my reputation* LOL
4. I received an approval from a lecturer back in USYD for a change of subject. Now all I need is just to send all the documentations and ship them to University of Sydney. Hopefully everyt…