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Have you ever known someone for several years, say, almost 5-6 years, almost rarely in contact with you, only met twice-three times REAL LIFE and rarely talks to you on the phone.
they know your phone number and actually STALKED YOU and TRIED to contact you non-stop!!

It is not that I am the one who is weird.
You know I just came back from my beloved Red Sun country, it is normal to ask like "how are you, are you okay"

But not like "Hey, oh youre back in Sydney, you want to come to this seminar, it teaches you about life..."

Then called you, smsed you, called you, smsed you...
I said to em "I am doing fine for my life course, what I need right now is catching up with my friends in Sydney, if we're doing catching up then it's cool cos i havent seen you for like years".

Then this person denied catching up with me instead more excited if I could go to the place that was being talked about on the phone.

Seriously I am deadly scared because this person knows w…

1 week ahead

Sydney... Sydney... Sydney...SYDNEY ............. I am already back in Sydney!!!!! Had a reunion with my high school friends and boy I was surprised to see 2 other peeps who I haven't seen for a few years......
Update about me: To be honest, I am currently happy because Japan is recovering FAST but I guess the trauma by my fellow Japanese will stay forever in their memory. WHy? ME too, I had severe nightmares but I believe we all will progress to a better state, my nightmares lessened and just want to enjoy my life here in Sydney for a bit.
Since my arrival on Tuesday, I had a decent reunion and spent lots of time with my family. My sis, my Mom and me went round to few restaurants in Sydney and just had the best days.
The atmosphere in Sydney is FAR lighter than in Japan... Japan's atmosphere is heavy because of some reasons, that's just one thing you have to experience. *NB: not because of the natural disaster thing*.
Sydney walkers are just so free, to the point where I have …

Running Away Temporarily away from Japan- Nuclear (acid rain)

Currently, already 9 people who have been affected by radiation.
The govt said they're unsure whether it's already leaking or just a fear of leaking (WHAT DA)

But of course they are trying to cover things up so that we don't panic.

My friends in Sydney asked me to go back and my family persuaded me as well.
I feel reluctant to go back but I can't help making them worried.

The friends I will leave temporarily have each other, I will cook them food during the blackouts in Tokyo that starts from Monday because we are lacking power.
They said they'll turn the electricity off for every 3 hours.

I don't want them to feel hunger and I don't want them to feel cold because everything in the supermarkets are sold out.

Good thing I am a stock up person LOL I stock up a lot of food (instant food).
So I will make them something before I leave on Monday.

My flight's been booked, it's moved from the 8th of April to tomorrow.

All I need right now is to pay a month's advan…

Escaping the Earthquake Tremor in Tokyo

Just a little update about the 8.8 Magnitude earthquake that occurred on the Friday of the 11th.

The first sign was actually in the morning when I began my final test \in my Japanese school in Shibuya.

Then it went for a long time then it stopped.

2nd time (the big one!!) happened when I was in the subway on my way to the hospital @ Shimurasakaue.

It was real big and all these obaachan started panicking, one of them tried to talk to me but since she was panicking I just went quiet. There's no use to panic in this time.

The train driver informed us to go to the street level and all the handphone signals were down.
Not only softbank BUT ALL. I couldn't contact call anyone.

I saw the trees swayed, and I just went dizzy.

Oh by the way, when I am typing this, I am actually in the middle of a 3 magnitude scale earthquake. *phew*

The building which I live in has so many cracks and a big CRACK behind the building.
There were cracks on the walls of the stairs................
The gas was off auto…

Sigma Beauty Brushes

What do you think this is? Well just like what the title says, they are brushes!!!!
No, not to paint the wall but they are make up brushes!!!

Bought them online because I need a good set of brush, after a lot of browsing and researching which brushes have the best quality (well.....) I decide to give Sigma brushes a go.

You can find them on and they ship worldwide!!!
They came like around 2 weeks after my order!!!

With this type I had tremendous difficulty on which colour to pick!!
OMG, they are gorgeous because they also came in black, in purple, in coral (like the one I purchased) and Aqua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(you also see here, the oval shaped box is also embossed with their brand "sigma makeup).

I wanted all colours but yeah tight on money LOL I only splurge when I have achieved something. Anyways, the bristles are so smooth, easy to use and with the package also came with all the descript…