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What a cute baby boy, he is my cousin's first born son. Congratulations!
This guy gave me little *winks* every time I take a look at him in his crib, you're gonna be really motteru, dear boy ha ha ha

It took us around 40 minutes by car from Sydney city to their house, not bad, the road was perfectly clear, thanks to NavMan GPS navigation system for easy tracking. It worths the money obviously.

So, what's the story today? Well, we usually bring food when we come over to someone's house, it is always this similar custom when you come to somebody's house especially in Asian culture. ;)

Usually, you bring fruits, but this time, we brought BBQ King's roast duck, BBQ pork and roast pork from Chinatown hahaha THey love their PORK Gewddd... :D :D :D

I gotta take pict of the cute boy, he and me are futago (twins), just separated by age LOL
How similar are we? hahaha

And so, it was my turn to wreck their house LOL my cousin's house has this big ora…

Eye-Makeup Failure Terminologies LOL

Panda... Panda..

This will be a very short entry about Japanese vocabularies that many girls like me found very annoying when we put our eye make-up on our delicate eyes.

Apparently, there are many words that describes one's mishap. LOL Which one do you usually ended up in after applying your eye make up? Mine is definitely #1, #2, #4, #10.

But us girls, I guess we can't really live without make-up, well at least I can't. If I don't wear make up, I blush all the time .... so embarrassing.

So I cover my face with make-up to hide my imperfections, not to exaggerate anything, really ;)
So check out the words below:
にじみ目nijimi-me Oozing eyes: Makeup was applied well, but after a while it all started to run.パンダ目panda-me Panda eyes: Blinked too much and…アシン目(トリー)ashin-me (tori-)Asymmetric eyes: Left and right eyes don’t matchヨレ目yore-me Wrinkly eyes: Drew the edges of the eyes poorly黒い涙目kuroi namida-me Black tear eyes: Cried and the eye shadow r…

After 1 week?


If you read my previous post, I wrote about my cross-stitch project. This is where I am up to, I finished the hat. I had to re-do some again and again because the DMC thread tangled together and I had to snip off the ends for un-even-ness. Is this even a word? LOL

Anyway, I did many things last weekend.
I participated in an Amazing Race game and guess what, my group is the winner. LOL
YAY!! THE VICTORY JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm 2nd from the right).

We had 2 Pit stops. One started off in Central Station (finished with 5 challenges) and in the University of Sydney (5 challenges).

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you know Teh Botol Sosro or simply put, a tea bottle. yes, we won that. LOL quite an unattractive idea for a prize give-away but I got the rewards that I want even more, FRIENDS!!

So many exciting things like how Nadeshiko Japan won the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, they should be VERY proud and become a symbol…


Fellow random readers, as you can see from the right hand side of my blog, I have several projects, well, goals that I pursue. Just to keep me motivated, entertained each month.

For number 1, I just became a member of Virgin Active Australia located @ Midcity Mall level 2 on Pitt Street! I love that gym, enormously big, lotsa space to move and of course it has good views of..... "men" to cruise my eyes. hahahaahaahha just joking. They are all muki-muji just the way I like how Exile moves in their MV. hahaha

Only 2 days in and I gained 100 grams. haha My body is all sore, btw, I gain 100 grams must be because Im building muscles too!.
Fat is lighter than muscles hahahahahaha *ini mah alasan*.
So, I hope to see at least 4 kilos weight loss in a month starting from this monday.

For #2,
I am making a Chinese Cupidboy Cross-stitch. This is the progress I've been making since Sunday.
That's the hat!! I love cross-stitching, but you gotta have good e…

2011 Hairstyle!!

HAPPY TANABATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So sad I can't watch Fireworks from Sumida River. :(( and no yukata...

(Translation: for women, hair is their crown).

Before and After.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hha h a ha ha h ah a h a

Much shorter, much more styled.
Before unhappy, now happier.
Past, then future.

I only had wash, cut, blow.
The hairdresser (Ayako-san) from Shinka Make up and Hair in Gallery Victoria even taught me how to use hair wax. ha ha ha

I asked whether having fringe is suitable for my face shape. She said no, it will make me look bigger and fatter.
So, in the end, I don't have any fringe ha ha ha ha just some layering.

Side view, as you can see when you use the hair wax, it holds and styles the ends of my hair.

I guess it needs really strong hair wax.

I was looking around for some Japanese hair wax but mostly are for guys but thankfully I found one.

The brand is Sexy Girl, I used to have their hair cologne tha…

The Quiet Days


The worst thing that one can do is do nothing at all. I am sick to the bone of doing the 'nothing'.

By the way, the picture is showing you all, that Australia is in the middle of Winter.
The trees shed its leaves, leaving it like eerie tree skeletons. Some trees are not deciduous hence they still have their leaves in tact.

Weird enough, there is the supermarket trolley, a pretty common sight in Australia. People leave their trolleys behind on the street side.
Unlike in America where homeless people use trolleys to store their things, I rarely see one in Australia pushing their trolleys, occasionally I see several but not often.
They usually sleep in parks with their blankets or in the train station tunnels, sheltered from the wind, rain and the cold bites, thankfully, not froze bites. Australia's not that cold in the cities.

I took this picture on my way to see my friend on Monday, we promised to go shopping in a factory outlet…