Sunday, July 31, 2011


What a cute baby boy, he is my cousin's first born son. Congratulations!
This guy gave me little *winks* every time I take a look at him in his crib, you're gonna be really motteru, dear boy ha ha ha

It took us around 40 minutes by car from Sydney city to their house, not bad, the road was perfectly clear, thanks to NavMan GPS navigation system for easy tracking. It worths the money obviously.

So, what's the story today? Well, we usually bring food when we come over to someone's house, it is always this similar custom when you come to somebody's house especially in Asian culture. ;)

Usually, you bring fruits, but this time, we brought BBQ King's roast duck, BBQ pork and roast pork from Chinatown hahaha THey love their PORK Gewddd... :D :D :D

I gotta take pict of the cute boy, he and me are futago (twins), just separated by age LOL
How similar are we? hahaha

And so, it was my turn to wreck their house LOL my cousin's house has this big orange tree in their backyard, I harvested them and got 4 oranges with my own hands! It was really fun so I gotta do the victory jump!

YEE HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, to prove it .. here we go another photo..

You know what I look like that lady justice ha ha ha
hahaha..,, I;m being silly. I had a good chat with my aunt as well, and took nice pics because the weather was being kind to us, as you all know, we had an almost non-stop OOAME (heavy rain) like 1.5 weeks ago. urghhh..... Gotta thanks God for all the good and bad things in life you know.

Anyway, the baby started crying every now and then maybe he was saying "mommyyy, me want milk but hold on I gotta poop and fart at the same time...".. i heard Ethan farted. LOLLLL

Oh man, babies are cute. But I think I am not ready to have any kids because I watched the childbirth video.
Oh gosh, my knees went really weak, I don't know .. I don't want to think about it.. haha ha haha..

Anyway, I notice that Australian house is really different, the regular houses always have this awesome beautiful front yard with pretty bush and flowers.
You know, it's kinda rare to see this type of lawn when I was in Japan, the houses in Japan are cramped together and I almost never saw any WIDE yards at all except maybe in the countryside?

But yeah, around 4-ish, we went back to the city, leaving them in peace while baby Ethan was sleeping soundly with his belly full of milk. I was hungry too.. lucky Ethan, no one spoon fed me anymore when I say "IM HUNGRY MOM" cos my mum will say "Just eat laa..." hahaahaahha
Ah, kids are so innocent..... adults are so.... the exact opposite, we're more complicated and lotsa things to think about when we become adults.

I hope lil Ethan will grow up to be a responsible, mature, brave, God-loving man, loyal and faitful to his family.

GOd bless you Ethan.
Peace out!!

SO I leave you with almost sunset picture just after we pass the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Hope you all had an awesome Sunday.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eye-Makeup Failure Terminologies LOL

Panda... Panda..

This will be a very short entry about Japanese vocabularies that many girls like me found very annoying when we put our eye make-up on our delicate eyes.

Apparently, there are many words that describes one's mishap. LOL Which one do you usually ended up in after applying your eye make up? Mine is definitely #1, #2, #4, #10.

But us girls, I guess we can't really live without make-up, well at least I can't. If I don't wear make up, I blush all the time .... so embarrassing.

So I cover my face with make-up to hide my imperfections, not to exaggerate anything, really ;)
So check out the words below:
  1. にじみ目nijimi-me Oozing eyes: Makeup was applied well, but after a while it all started to run.
  2. パンダ目panda-me Panda eyes: Blinked too much and…
  3. アシン目(トリー)ashin-me (tori-)Asymmetric eyes: Left and right eyes don’t match
  4. ヨレ目yore-me Wrinkly eyes: Drew the edges of the eyes poorly
  5. 黒い涙目kuroi namida-me Black tear eyes: Cried and the eye shadow ran
  6. ひじき目hijiki-me Seaweed eyes: Tried layering on but it backfired
  7. 腫れ目hare-me Puffy eyes: Used pink eye shadow and ended up like that
  8. 宝塚目Takarazuka-me Takarazuka (theater) eyes: Got carried away and put far too much on
  9. 盛り目mori-me Served-up eyes: Just ended up over-emphasizing my eyes
  10. 遅目oso-me Slow eyes: Just took too long doing my eyes
  11. ヒラ目hira-me Flat eyes: My “Eye Putty” (glue to make eyelids doubled or rounded) lost its adhesion.
Taken from !!

I think Lady Gaga does not have any problem with any of the disasters has gathered, she ultimately cleared all those problems away with the ultimate make-up, the PANDA EYES.


Have fun smiling at least ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After 1 week?


If you read my previous post, I wrote about my cross-stitch project. This is where I am up to, I finished the hat. I had to re-do some again and again because the DMC thread tangled together and I had to snip off the ends for un-even-ness. Is this even a word? LOL

Anyway, I did many things last weekend.
I participated in an Amazing Race game and guess what, my group is the winner. LOL
YAY!! THE VICTORY JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm 2nd from the right).

We had 2 Pit stops. One started off in Central Station (finished with 5 challenges) and in the University of Sydney (5 challenges).

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you know Teh Botol Sosro or simply put, a tea bottle. yes, we won that. LOL quite an unattractive idea for a prize give-away but I got the rewards that I want even more, FRIENDS!!

So many exciting things like how Nadeshiko Japan won the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, they should be VERY proud and become a symbol for recovery and SPIRIT no matter if their country is in a mess, it will recover!!
To celebrate it, I ate a german bread called "Soccer Bread". LOLLLL
There you go LOL well, it looks really cute. With raspberry and custard filling. YUmmmmm...

I also watched Harry Potter, the last movie , the END, fin, owari, selesai, finish! LOL
Finally they put an end to HP. In the beginning I think they are fine for kids to watch but towards the end, I think they're getting scarier and scarier that I don't think I will let 12- years olds kids watching it.

Seriously it should be rated M+. It's too scary or maybe it's me who's a scaredy cat. LOL
But I want to post something, I took a picture with Voldemort! ha ha ha ha ha It's rather blurry but yea, as long as you know it's 'you -know who'.
yeehaaa.....!! He's so white well, cheers to your wand with my Coca-cola LOL

Oh yeah, I am addicted to this song called Pon Pon Pon by

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ ! (KYARI PAMYU PAMYU)


This is the video!!
Warning: lotsa repetition, techno voice, if you're not a fan, it'll cause you headache.
HOWEVER, the MV is very cheerful and very colourful, but she looks childish. I prefer artists who are cute but sexy at the same time.
But Japan always has this 'cute' image. haha I must say, it is really catchy. I will end the post with this video hehe
Thank you for reading!! mwahhh


NB: 就職活動のニュウすはFujitsuに断れたが、大丈夫です。頑張ります!  :D

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Fellow random readers, as you can see from the right hand side of my blog, I have several projects, well, goals that I pursue. Just to keep me motivated, entertained each month.

For number 1, I just became a member of Virgin Active Australia located @ Midcity Mall level 2 on Pitt Street! I love that gym, enormously big, lotsa space to move and of course it has good views of..... "men" to cruise my eyes. hahahaahaahha just joking. They are all muki-muji just the way I like how Exile moves in their MV. hahaha

Only 2 days in and I gained 100 grams. haha My body is all sore, btw, I gain 100 grams must be because Im building muscles too!.
Fat is lighter than muscles hahahahahaha *ini mah alasan*.
So, I hope to see at least 4 kilos weight loss in a month starting from this monday.

For #2,
I am making a Chinese Cupidboy Cross-stitch. This is the progress I've been making since Sunday.
That's the hat!! I love cross-stitching, but you gotta have good eyes and lotsa patience though.
I will keep you updated with this!

#3, JobHunt

For this, I have applied several but hasn't gotten any replies yet. But it's OK. I prefer to wait for the best from God and just be grateful when I haven't gotten any job.
Remember to "be grateful for everything". This way I am MORE positive.

#4. Amazing Race

My local church, IPC Randwick (Indonesian Presbytarian Church) is having a local youth event called the 'Amazing Race', from what I heard of the last year's one, they had to run around but I mean this is Winter. haahahahahahahaha

Can't imagine running around in winter, not only that, they will throw in some little activities along the way to complete. Last time they had to eat sunflower seeds like LOTS of them. haha
Jadi jagoan kupas kwaci gitu. Yg menang pendetanya. LOLLLLLLL ketauan deh kalo ngemil sukanya makan apa. hahahahahaha

#5. Singing
This will be in August. But yea, my voice is not improving at all because I no longer sing in the church. But I will do this competition for the sake of giving my praises to the Lord. hehehehe

Okay, hope you have fun reading my blog this time. More updates and good news coming.
GBU all


Friday, July 8, 2011

2011 Hairstyle!!

HAPPY TANABATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So sad I can't watch Fireworks from Sumida River. :(( and no yukata...

(Translation: for women, hair is their crown).

Before and After.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hha h a ha ha h ah a h a

Much shorter, much more styled.
Before unhappy, now happier.
Past, then future.

I only had wash, cut, blow.
The hairdresser (Ayako-san) from Shinka Make up and Hair in Gallery Victoria even taught me how to use hair wax. ha ha ha

I asked whether having fringe is suitable for my face shape. She said no, it will make me look bigger and fatter.
So, in the end, I don't have any fringe ha ha ha ha just some layering.

Side view, as you can see when you use the hair wax, it holds and styles the ends of my hair.

I guess it needs really strong hair wax.

I was looking around for some Japanese hair wax but mostly are for guys but thankfully I found one.

The brand is Sexy Girl, I used to have their hair cologne that I used to spray on every morning when I was still back in Tokyo ha hah aha

But anyway, it is good, I still loved my hairstyle when I had it cut by Chie from a salon in Harajuku.
I got kind of interviewed after getting out of there, but oh well, as long as you have a cute and nice personality, no matter what hairstyle you have, you are still cute and beautiful ha ha ha ha

Okay, thanks for reading my blog..

Level 2, The Galeries 500 George St. (Opposite to the Queen Victoria Building: Same level as Kinokuniya Bookshop)
Sydney NSW 2000 [View map]

To book: 02 9283 3220

Mon to Wed10:30 - 20:00
Thu to Fri11:00 - 21:00
Sat10:30 - 19:00
Sun10:30 - 18:00


Additional story:
Shinka is a Japanese hairsalon, their clients are mostly Japanese, hairdressers can speak English but don't expect that you can converse with them and talk about politics or scientific inventions.

Anyway, I think it was easier for me to convey what I want to say in Japanese than English that my friend's hairdresser asked whether I am Japanese or not to the hair washer (whom I talked with) and at that time was doing my friend's hair. The guy said "jya nai" (means no) .
My friend told this story afterwards.

I am glad that I am a foreigner, even tho I may look like East-Asian (I am SOUTHeast ASIAN) because being a Japanese is much harder than you think, the unwritten rules are a lot and scrutinizing. Apart from that, their pop culture and technology inventions are still #1. he he he

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Quiet Days


The worst thing that one can do is do nothing at all. I am sick to the bone of doing the 'nothing'.

By the way, the picture is showing you all, that Australia is in the middle of Winter.
The trees shed its leaves, leaving it like eerie tree skeletons. Some trees are not deciduous hence they still have their leaves in tact.

Weird enough, there is the supermarket trolley, a pretty common sight in Australia. People leave their trolleys behind on the street side.
Unlike in America where homeless people use trolleys to store their things, I rarely see one in Australia pushing their trolleys, occasionally I see several but not often.
They usually sleep in parks with their blankets or in the train station tunnels, sheltered from the wind, rain and the cold bites, thankfully, not froze bites. Australia's not that cold in the cities.

I took this picture on my way to see my friend on Monday, we promised to go shopping in a factory outlet in Homebush. This whole job hunting is stressing me out especially when all the recent graduates GRADUATED at the same time.

YES, I am competing with those fresh out of school graduates, younger, maybe much smarter than me. LOL

So, why not go out? This friend of mine, loves shhhoooppppinnnngg and of course, she is her own managing director in Jakarta, going back and forth from Sydney-Jakarta and it is that 'time around' when I get to see her and hang out.

So she picked me up in her driveway and off we went to Homebush with her almost empty gas tank. The gas arrow has pointed itself towards the letter 'E'.
But, as easy going as she is, she said to me "Mell, even though the tank symbol lights up (*which means VERY EMPTY*), we can still drive up for another 20 km, no worries, just have a look out for petrol stations and we'll be fine".

Easy for her to say :P

We ended up couldn't find any!! I was nervous, cold sweats began, who knows she might tell me to push her car from behind when it stops. ha ha ha ha h a jadi tukang dorong mobil, untung mobilnya bukan kayak truk atau van, mampus kan gua kalo iya?

So, we finally arrived @ the Homebush factory outlet located at Homebush Bay Drive.
We began our hunt.

Cut the story short, we ended up with this much in her trunk.
That is... TOO MUCH!
And, they're not mine, all hers ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha But I love her shopping spirit, never gives up!

Not long after, we were dead tired, walking for 5 hours, we moved onto another factory outlet, this time @ Birkenhead Point. HA, more shopping? yes you are right. I did not buy any, just in case you were wandering.
I like this one a lot better as you can see from this next photo
It is open space and, at almost 5, the shops are closing. S.U.X.
When I was in Japan or Indonesia, shops close at 9 or 10, but Sydney, okay, maybe no more complaining.
I am in Australia anyway.

So, time to go, and time to take a picture of both of us (sideways).
ha ha ha ha! I can't describe 2 princesses are out and about in an almost empty gas tank car.

Oh, for your information we spotted several petrol stations, but one petrol station deceived us.
It looked as if it is open but actually, it's close for renovation. S.T.U.P.I.D.

But, we managed to refuel, @ seven eleven. Thanks God for 7/11, at the end it is the Americans that saved our journey, now, happy car and its driver and passenger can finally speed safely on the m4 motorway back to the city of Sydney.

Last picture, just a photo taken when it was dark. Lights... lights.. full of hikari (light).....
................................... under the bridge.

Thanks for reading!!