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September Love

Long time no Post.
Many things happened!!!
What are they?
1. I failed my final exam but I re-did it last Monday and passed it. Now I am in ADVANCED JAPANESE CLASS and oh my God they're hard.
2. I went back to Sydney for 2 weeks SO's like BINGE-EATING non and as a result.....*see point #3*
3. I gained another 4 kilos.
4. My graduation will be held in Hong Kong with no friends except my family.
5. I found the love of my life... :D This is him.
I have a lot of things to do for the future so, a good plan should be written and be done.
Oh btw, I just made a poem it's in indonesian and called "Rindu".
Here it is
Rindu padamuBagai teriris ujung pisauPerih meresap Ke dalam pembuluh darahRindu yang panjangSeakan memalu hatiMeleleh rasa hati jiwaMenggapai mencoba mencariRindu-kuBegitu piluSampai air mataDan kata hanya terbata
Because fugu-chyan (yes I gave him that nickname) always goes awaaaaaaaaaaaay on Shucchou (business trips) to here, there, everywhere.... I alwa…


I wish life is sweet like this oinari-san, when you bite it all that is squeezed out is the sweetness from the sweet egg layer. Yummo....
I am currently right now in the position of doubting.
Doubt. Who likes being in doubt? Who likes that word anyway? You are uncertain about the future. Uncertain about what will happen to you.
In your head is just non-stop worries. I wish I can stop these evil thoughts, they are swirling and tingling and eating my brains out.
I think I should start thinking more positively. Even if I failed my grammar test. Even if I don't know how serious that guy is with me.
I will just surrender things in God's hands and still walk moving on!
Help me God. Help me...