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Christmas and its Miracles

It feels so surreal that things pass by real quick this year.I never thought I'd get through another year without getting older, yeah I wish. ha ha ha
Only less than a week and we welcome a brand new year, maybe a year that exceeds our expectations, or maybe a year much less than we expect, but nevertheless we must embrace all possibilities with open heart and open mind.
I have been MIA for quite a while, so sorry for the lack of updates. As you all know who keep up with my blog posts, I went on a holiday the day after my JLPT exam.
With the lack of good connectivity in my home country, I can not be blamed :P Phone carriers are trying their best to cater all their consumer needs but anyway, I'm disappointed with Matrix carrier, the reception is weak even in my house! Telkomsel is the best ha ha ha ha
Anyway, cut the story short, I went diving in the island of Sulawesi, the pic is right there on top of my post.
I dived around Bunaken Island! Well, I wanted to dive in their world rec…


Beloved said "‎"Every time I close my eyes your image is at the back of my eyelids". I cant explain more how much youve made this feeling so meaningful to me".
Such feelings being evoked from within because of somebody else worths millions more than diamonds.
It's hard to understand the meaning and their worth unless you experience things first hand.
So many smart people neglect and do not realise such emotions.
Everytime you are in a relationship and end it, you will always learn something out of it, even if you can't help it anymore....
Yes, I've just finished my JLPT (nihongo nou ryoku shikeN) today.

Result? March.

Do you think I will pass? Only heaven knows.

Did you study? Yes I did, ijikan mae. LOL

Conclusion? Blah...........

After the exam, I fell flat on my bed and took a 3 hour nap.

Then I cooked dinner, and..... packing away to my holiday. LOL.

But oh boy, JLPT N2 2011 burnt 90% of my brains. If I can't remember things correctly today, at least you know what happened. ha ha ha ha ha

for the rest of you, good luck for your results. :D :D
Oh, but I think this year's not that bad. hehe



And, LIFE of course.

On the 12th of November, Sydney held a massive Korean Pop music festival at ANZ Stadium (a formerly used stadium for Sydney Olympic 2000) to commemorate our 50th year of diplomatic relations with South Korea. ha ha ha ha

There were 11 bands in total, like Shinee, CNBLUE, Mblaq, Girls Generation, DBSK, Miss A, Sistar, 4 minute, 2 AM, Kara and Beast. ho ho ho I still remember them all!

I am not fond of KPop except for Bi (Rain) because he is just uber cute with hot bod, hot ass and cute smile!
And seriously, many of these new upcoming young artists are just too skinny to my liking except for this one hunk who dances in the group called MBLAQ that is produced under the direct supervision of Bi. he he he
Anyway, this photo shows where I sit from the stage... sigh... too far!
Next time I will bring binoculars and, it was scorching hot! LOL
This seating area already costs me like more than 100$!!

The VIP ones cost like 200++.. sigh, maybe it's worth it for…

Sudden Emotions

This song is so sweet.
Taken from his page! hehehe

Not that it is intended to me, but the song is good enough for me to replay it thousand times a day. LOL

Here is the lyrics:
Girl I've been searchin so long thru this world
trying to find someone who could be
what my picture of love was to me
and you came alongWhen I saw you I knew you were the one
the love that I've been dreamin ofI've been waitin for you (waitin for you)
all my life for somebody who (somebody who)
makes me feel the way I feel when I'm with you, baby
have you been waitin too
cuz I've been waitin for youGirl I've been saving my love all this time
cuz I knew someday I would find
the one that i've loved for so long in my mindFrom the moment that I looked in your eyes
I saw the girl I've loved all my lifeI've been waitin for you (waitin for you)
all my life for somebody who (somebody who)
makes me feel the way I feel when I'm with you, baby
have you been waitin too
cause I've been waitin f…

Nissin Commercial Video

Hybrid Ramen
From Nissin Foods
called "FutoMen Dodo"
It's funny how they play on the words "futo (fat) men (noodle)" then the men in the CM are all chubby men. It's just awesome and creative. Watch now! hehehe

I stumbled across this CM from a website and it is hilarious and succeeded in me wanting to buy and eat it!
I wonder if Miracle Food store has this in stock or not. LOL

I want to try this cup ramen badly!

Oh why is it called Hybrid Ramen?
Well in the CM it is written "fried X non-fried noodle" combined together.
Now I wonder what that tastes like. lol

Btw, this cup ramen seems to be around for almost more than a year but I do not eat cup noodles that much anymore like I used to.

Now I stick to boiled noodles like Mie Goreng, Jajangmyeon (black noodle), Mama Tom YUm noodle, and of course Nissin Udon (that I make myself combine with tamanegi + wasabi + udon tsuyu).


Sydney's Japanese Festival


私と姉は祭りに行った後、hurricane restaurant で夕ご飯を食べた!
私は半分のばら肉を食べて、めっちゃおいしかったです! いただきま~す





I read a funny shared picture on Fb where it says:

"Japanese attitude for work:
If one can do it, I can do it. If no one can do it, I must do it."

Funny, but somewhat true.






This is only a scientific blog about UV rays, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

If you care about your skin and you live in Australia (we are obsessed about sunrays, sunblocks, sunscreens, skin cancer bla bla bla bla) then I hope this blog will give you adequate information on how to have HEALTHY skin.

It is no longer a secret, freckles are caused by the sun.
They pop up because the outer barrier against the sun ray's are overly damaged so they come as abnormal collection of melanin pigment in the skin.

Now, I am not pale, I have yellow skin tone because most east Asians are or my other fellow South East Asians, kudos to you lovely coloured skinned people. LOL

I don't want to blab too much about skin colour or freckles but I always stress how destructive the sun UV rays…

Hillsong - Love You So Much

In this early morning, I felt a sudden shudder to praise my King.

Random blog but a very nice song to worship.
I realise, even though you have a stable job, an intellectual mind, a great husband/wife, helping others through charity etc, you still have that empty void and keep asking what is that knocking in my heart and why does it feel empty?

Maybe you can hear out this song and who knows it touches that empty void.


Oooo la la

Guys, I will post a blog about 2 absolutely amazing artists, both males, from different continents.

Why do I like Pitbull?
He always has amazing bodacious dancers, not the skinny scrawny ones.His songs are always dynamic, upbeat and dang hot.
His interview sessions are always very energetic, funny and very multi-cultural in how he speaks about his songs and himself.
I always have a thing with guys that have long black hair, with big muscles like gorillas, cool but funny at the same time. But, PITBULL is different. He makes me believe that there are many men out there who still love curvacious women just like my friend said "bon-kyu-bon" women. LoL.

Here is his interview from the AMA.

Next, is GACKT. Ah, he is just my typical guy. But, as a Japanese male artist. He is not too skinny, he's tall, he's a perfectionist, he has lots of pet dogs, great white teeth (shark? LOL), deep voice and looks totally CUTE CUTE CUTE. HE SEEMS PERFECT.

These guys are the…

Random thought #2 refugees

Currently, politics is what has been crossing my mind for a few days.
Every time I read an article on the wisdom of our current PM in Australia, my blood boils.

I know there's always 2 sides to every story and not every person tells the truth.
But really, here is my take on PM's decision to swap children and adult refugees to Malaysia in exchange with 4000 skilled migrants.

This, is only a short-sighted type of action that I see from her and her new upcoming tax policy on carbon emission.

On a segment of Today's Tonight or Current Affair I can't remember which channel that will go on air tonight, they will broadcast about foreign traders (and they put Asian face) which significantly questions Australians whether foreigners (Asians that they portray in the TV) actually do provide better, cheaper, faster service than the locals (white Australians).

If there is many Australians dislike foreigners, like how I was often abused when I was a kid because I am not white, WELL....look…

The new Japanese Cabinet

Congratulations to the new Prime Minister: Yoshihiko Noda.
I am going to list the cabinet who was announced on Friday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary: Osamu FujimuraForeign Minister: Koichiro GembaDefense Minister: Yasuo IchikawaFinance Minister: Jun AzumiEconomy, Trade and Industry Minister: Yoshio HachiroAgriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister: Michihiko Kano (retained)Justice Minister: Hideo HiraokaEducation, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister: Masaharu NakagawaHealth, Labor and Welfare Minister: Yoko KomiyamaLand, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister: Takeshi MaedaReconstruction Minister: Tatsuo HiranoPostal Reform Minister: Shozaburo Jimi (People's New Party) (retained)National Strategy Minister: Motohisa FurukawaInternal Affairs and Communications Minister: Tatsuo KawabataEnvironment Minister, also in charge of the nuclear crisis: Goshi Hosono (retained)Government Revitalization Minister, also in charge of Civil Service Reform: RenhoChairman of the Nation…

MIA..... OOPS!

Missing In Action... :(

Hello my blog and maybe readers? ha ha ha I have been missing in action for almost more than 2 weeks.

My parents are here because of the Ramadhan and Lebaran (fasting and end of fasting holidays) for around 3 weeks. I am very happy and glad since I only get to see my dad once per year.
So now, we can eat nice food and this means a lot of happy tummies every night! :D :D :D

Anyway, during these past 2 weeks, I had a job interview on Skype which is widely use in today's interview processes. It was a very fun experience and less nerve-wrecking in contrast with the face-to-face interview. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is very poor. *blah*

Okay so in this blog, I would like to post an entry on my current work for a non-profit organisation and also my day trip to....... *scroll down if you want to know!*

1. My Voluntary Work

In the beginning of August, I started on a volunteering work at the Japan Foundation Sydney to assist guests for being…

Japanese Sandals: 下駄


This time the topic is geta !
Because I am obsessed about geta... he he Urgh, I am not going to do the informative type of blog about geta because I am just going to tell a story LOL

To put things short, geta is Japanese wooden clogs or sandals, worn with yukata (summer kimono- very thin and not as heavy as real kimono that has layers and layers inside).
I asked my Japanese friend if I can wear it with shorts or just with plain western clothes, and he said no, it should be worn with wafuku (Japanese clothes). Shux, anyhow, I should respect it :D

A good geta is made from paulownia wood because it is very light and for many other reasons which I am not familiar with hahaha

Seriously if you want to know lots more about geta go to wikipedia LOL

Anyway I bought 3 pairs of geta sandals in a shop in asakusa just a couple of streets away from Sensouji temple. I'm familiar with the owners, a pair of lovely ojiichan and obaachan, and this is the thing…

Random thought #1

I saw a status update from my friend that's written

"A real man never hurts a woman!!!

Be very careful when you make a woman cry, because God

counts her tears. The
woman came out of a mans rib, not from his feet to be walked on, not from his
head to be superior but from his side to be equal! Under the arm to be
protected, and next to the heart to be loved."

Just thinking how scary it is, if God counts the tears of a woman who dropped a single tear everyday for 40 years because a man left her when she's at her utmost vulnerable state.

What would God do, will He avenge her tears?
What about when a woman hurts a man? God will also count his unseen tears........
It's even more heartbreaking.

TO be honest, no matter if you are a woman or a man if you do something wrong, say sorry.

I've seen too many arrogant men and women, and in the end they lose even more.

But the thing is, it takes guts for one to admit their faults.

How many people have 'guts' these da…

Fattening up week!


HOLY MOLY, I have not updated for almost a week, I usually update every 6 days or 5 days, not that much difference but still .... ha ha ha

This time, the blog is full of food because my closest 3 people in my life invited me to lots of food tastings, restaurant hops in Sydney.
2 of them had their birthday in this 4 days, and the previous days were spent in either Korean restaurant or Japanese restaurant.

Okay, in this blog I am going to write several topics and will be PICS HEAVY!
Why? Here goes the contents

1. Farewell lunch for Spongegirl
2. Bestie's Bday 1st celebration
3. Bestie's 2nd Bday celebration
4. Mom's Bday

Let's go to #1


Who is spongegirl? She's a friend I met back in TAFE 3 years ago when I studied Japanese, she is damn hilarious, talks her mind and blurts out like no tomorrow but with witty humour.

She's going back for good to her home country even though I also thought Australi…