Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and its Miracles

It feels so surreal that things pass by real quick this year.
I never thought I'd get through another year without getting older, yeah I wish. ha ha ha

Only less than a week and we welcome a brand new year, maybe a year that exceeds our expectations, or maybe a year much less than we expect, but nevertheless we must embrace all possibilities with open heart and open mind.

I have been MIA for quite a while, so sorry for the lack of updates.
As you all know who keep up with my blog posts, I went on a holiday the day after my JLPT exam.

With the lack of good connectivity in my home country, I can not be blamed :P
Phone carriers are trying their best to cater all their consumer needs but anyway, I'm disappointed with Matrix carrier, the reception is weak even in my house!
Telkomsel is the best ha ha ha ha

Anyway, cut the story short, I went diving in the island of Sulawesi, the pic is right there on top of my post.

I dived around Bunaken Island!
Well, I wanted to dive in their world recommendation sites e.g. Tanjung Kopi, Depan (Muka) Kampung and Mandolin Point, however our diving club took us to Fukui Point and Lekukan #3 (it means Bent #3) and the last diving spot that I didn't dive is quite horrible. Lucky I didn't dive, I was playing in the ocean in the middle of 2 meters waves because of the tide.

I got bruises on the half of my left torso LOL....... oh well.... I had fun by myself getting carried away by the current, the ship chased after me though so I am fineee.e..e.e..e I think I drank a lot of sea water... yuck. ha ha ha

Anyway, I did have lotsa fun and I wish to write more detailed stuff but I guess people will get bored.

Happiness is hard to achieve if you expect too much.
From now on, I enjoy little things that I experience even taking cold shower at 5 am. he he he

My life in my home country is not as easy as my life in Australia but most hardships will mature you.

I am just so grateful that I have Jesus Christ, the God many people make fun of, but I truly believe He is in our hearts and taking care of us and knows what's best for us if we believe in Him.

Some things are just impossible but many of my prayers are answered and they are always right in His time that in the end is beautiful and of course, makes me speechless, REALLY!

I wonder what New Year Resolutions people have brainstormed for 2012?
If you ask "what about you Sasa"
Well, I just got to say, I leave my resolutions all onto the hands of Jesus. Nothing to worry about.

he he he he

Okay, I wish you all a lovely night, lovely christmas Eve with God, and family.
Man, all the malls here are covered with Christmas trees and pressies. he he he he
Truly feels like CHristmas.

ANd, happy holidays! I will keep on updating this blog.

CHill Out and thanks for reading,


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Beloved said ""Every time I close my eyes your image is at the back of my eyelids". I cant explain more how much youve made this feeling so meaningful to me".

Such feelings being evoked from within because of somebody else worths millions more than diamonds.

It's hard to understand the meaning and their worth unless you experience things first hand.

So many smart people neglect and do not realise such emotions.

Everytime you are in a relationship and end it, you will always learn something out of it, even if you can't help it anymore....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yes, I've just finished my JLPT (nihongo nou ryoku shikeN) today.

Result? March.

Do you think I will pass? Only heaven knows.

Did you study? Yes I did, ijikan mae. LOL

Conclusion? Blah...........

After the exam, I fell flat on my bed and took a 3 hour nap.

Then I cooked dinner, and..... packing away to my holiday. LOL.

But oh boy, JLPT N2 2011 burnt 90% of my brains. If I can't remember things correctly today, at least you know what happened. ha ha ha ha ha

for the rest of you, good luck for your results. :D :D
Oh, but I think this year's not that bad. hehe


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


What do you feel when you see delicious, mouth smouldering food, laying there in front of you?
Of course, a very natural reaction and a very natural answer, I believe.

But not when one needs to refrain for the goods of the body.
1st step is always hard but then the rest will get easier. ha ha ha ha
----------- That is totally random, Mell-------------------- hahaha

Well, I am going to write a very simple blog today.

Currently, life's been stressful, things do not always go the way you wanted them to be.

Where's the fun in that if what you get is always what you wished.
You'll take things for granted and become so obnoxious and prideful.

Now, now...
Recently, I am applying for a programme. I do not know whether I will pass it or not but I will have to anticipate for a long time to receive their reply.
It takes almost 8 months to go through all the process till the departure.

To be honest, at a point of your life, there are just things that we wish do come true because we want it badly and opting for all solutions that you can think of just to own that dream.
But I also have come across to the point that only when you give your plans to God, then you will not be disappointed.

I only live by the words of "ora et labora"
Meaning: work and pray, when you pray, you surrender your plans to God.

So if I pass the interview (well not knowing whether I will get one or not), then it's only by God's grace.

It's been really difficult finding a job in Australia, the government is a bit unstable, some of their political decisions are not wise.
Let alone the high Australian dollar, expensive labour market and also the decline of skilled-labour, people are made redundant/sacked/voluntary early retirement is everywhere, not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.

People try to secure their jobs and afraid of moving and exploring, afraid of the uncertainty of the future. It's been really tough for graduates like me in Australia, our population is not booming and can't really depend on overseas migrants.
I hate to say it, but everyone in Australia is a migrant LOL only the Aborigines are the true Australians.

ANyway, I do wish to return to my homeland if I am valued there. I like to open more opportunities and learn more about my homeland, I like to learn and pile more knowledge to use in the future, either for business or leisure.
I only hope for the best.

Oh, this few days I've been reading a book called "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren.
A very God-focussed book, that takes you into a 40 day journey, one chapter a day about what is the purpose of your life.

Without a purpose, you won't have passion, you won't have drive.
I am currently up to Day 3 and it's already a mindblowing book that you can't put down but I have to if not how will I take a shower right? he he he

Apart from that, I am going back to my homeland next week.
I can't wait to experience the traffic, the food, I also miss my friends very much.
Hoping to make them drive me around heehehehehe I'll be there for around 3.5 weeks, plenty of time though and in the midst of it all, I'm going to Bunaken in Manado in the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

A diving spot.

he he he he

Well, December will be a good month, full of blessings and happiness.
My birthday is coming soon too.
But I don't think I'll celebrate it. ha ha ha ha

I hate to be reminded of how old I am LOL urgh, I think a wrinkle just popped up there gyaaaa......

Okay, I hope whoever reads this blog had fun reading it.
I will update you all again in near future.



Friday, November 18, 2011


And, LIFE of course.

On the 12th of November, Sydney held a massive Korean Pop music festival at ANZ Stadium (a formerly used stadium for Sydney Olympic 2000) to commemorate our 50th year of diplomatic relations with South Korea. ha ha ha ha

There were 11 bands in total, like Shinee, CNBLUE, Mblaq, Girls Generation, DBSK, Miss A, Sistar, 4 minute, 2 AM, Kara and Beast. ho ho ho I still remember them all!

I am not fond of KPop except for Bi (Rain) because he is just uber cute with hot bod, hot ass and cute smile!
And seriously, many of these new upcoming young artists are just too skinny to my liking except for this one hunk who dances in the group called MBLAQ that is produced under the direct supervision of Bi. he he he
Anyway, this photo shows where I sit from the stage... sigh... too far!
Next time I will bring binoculars and, it was scorching hot! LOL
This seating area already costs me like more than 100$!!

The VIP ones cost like 200++.. sigh, maybe it's worth it for a 3 hours show. he he he
Everyone on our row did not even stand up, we were just basically listening to the awesome music from our seats but my mate was super hyped she literally screamed at every band. LOL

I just had to laugh at her sight, her eyes sparkling with stars ha ha ha ha
But it was a fun night because I got to see my friend from Canberra, my next door neighbour when I used to go to Chiba Dai. ha ha ha

Anyway, I miss this festival because it feels so energetic.
Don't you think KPOP songs are much better than hip hop to dance in clubs? he he he

Enjoy new post!



Monday, November 7, 2011

Sudden Emotions

This song is so sweet.
Taken from his page! hehehe

Not that it is intended to me, but the song is good enough for me to replay it thousand times a day. LOL

Here is the lyrics:

Girl I've been searchin so long thru this world
trying to find someone who could be
what my picture of love was to me
and you came along

When I saw you I knew you were the one
the love that I've been dreamin of

I've been waitin for you (waitin for you)
all my life for somebody who (somebody who)
makes me feel the way I feel when I'm with you, baby
have you been waitin too
cuz I've been waitin for you

Girl I've been saving my love all this time
cuz I knew someday I would find
the one that i've loved for so long in my mind

From the moment that I looked in your eyes
I saw the girl I've loved all my life

I've been waitin for you (waitin for you)
all my life for somebody who (somebody who)
makes me feel the way I feel when I'm with you, baby
have you been waitin too
cause I've been waitin for you

Now that I've found you I just can't let u go (cant let you go)
no no no ohhh
oh there's just one thing I want you to kno

Spoken: girl I love you so...

I've been waitin for you
all my life waitin for you
I've been waitin for you
all my life waitin for you
when I saw you I knew you were the one
the love that I've been dreaming of

I've been waitin for you (waitin for you)
all my life for somebody who (somebody who)
makes me feel the way I feel when I'm with you, baby
have you been waitin too
cause I've been waitin for you

I've been waitin for you
all my life waitin for you
I've been waitin for you
all my life waitin for you
I've been waitin for you
all my life waitin for you
(fade out)

One day love comes
One day love goes

But no matter what, the love that never treasures you shall never return.
And, the love that deserves to be with you will come looking for you.
No matter how many years it waited for you.
It will eventually come to you.

Oh gosh, I think I am... in... sigh...

I don't care if this is only for a short time, but I will do my best to keep it long for eternity as possible, until God comes to the earth one more time for Rapture Day.
God blesses our relationship. Let everything falls onto His hands, not my hands.

True love comes once in a lifetime.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nissin Commercial Video

Hybrid Ramen
From Nissin Foods
called "FutoMen Dodo"
It's funny how they play on the words "futo (fat) men (noodle)" then the men in the CM are all chubby men. It's just awesome and creative. Watch now! hehehe

I stumbled across this CM from a website and it is hilarious and succeeded in me wanting to buy and eat it!
I wonder if Miracle Food store has this in stock or not. LOL

I want to try this cup ramen badly!

Oh why is it called Hybrid Ramen?
Well in the CM it is written "fried X non-fried noodle" combined together.
Now I wonder what that tastes like. lol

Btw, this cup ramen seems to be around for almost more than a year but I do not eat cup noodles that much anymore like I used to.

Now I stick to boiled noodles like Mie Goreng, Jajangmyeon (black noodle), Mama Tom YUm noodle, and of course Nissin Udon (that I make myself combine with tamanegi + wasabi + udon tsuyu).


Monday, October 17, 2011

Sydney's Japanese Festival


私と姉は祭りに行った後、hurricane restaurant で夕ご飯を食べた!
私は半分のばら肉を食べて、めっちゃおいしかったです! いただきま~す




Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I read a funny shared picture on Fb where it says:

"Japanese attitude for work:
If one can do it, I can do it. If no one can do it, I must do it."

Funny, but somewhat true.

Friday, October 7, 2011






This is only a scientific blog about UV rays, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!

If you care about your skin and you live in Australia (we are obsessed about sunrays, sunblocks, sunscreens, skin cancer bla bla bla bla) then I hope this blog will give you adequate information on how to have HEALTHY skin.

It is no longer a secret, freckles are caused by the sun.
They pop up because the outer barrier against the sun ray's are overly damaged so they come as abnormal collection of melanin pigment in the skin.

Now, I am not pale, I have yellow skin tone because most east Asians are or my other fellow South East Asians, kudos to you lovely coloured skinned people. LOL

I don't want to blab too much about skin colour or freckles but I always stress how destructive the sun UV rays can be.

Based on this scientific article that the sun emits UVA and UVB.
The UVB does not damage the deeper skin layers but the UVA does and far more carcinogenic compared to its counterpart.

So when you see sunlight, the UVB only represents 5-6% and the rest is UVA.

I am not interested in the what-why... I am interested in HOW to counter the dangerous rays that damage your skin!

What I often do is I slap on sun screen on my face, in Australia the government only allows SPF30+, but never more than that.
How do I know? I asked a cosmetician, surely she knows.

I own several hiyakedome that are SPF 50+ with pearl shimmer too he he he he
And I use them lots of times, but according to what the research suggests, we can not rely on sunscreens alone acting as the only barrier against the harmful sunrays!

Interesting enough, we have quite a high number for skin cancer in Australia, is it because we are near to the ozone hole? LOL Well it is in Antarctica, far far far away...
Or do other countries experience the same problem? Or is it only the fair skin homo sapiens that are more prone to this problem?

Ah, need more research but just questions. LOL
Thanks for reading about my first topic.
Next, I am ready to go on a 3-day retreat! I am nervous... ugh, but hopefully everything will be fine.

I kind of miss the retreat in Japan, it was my 1st time in public bath, no cubicles except for the toilets. LOL

I need to stop comparing Australia and Japan, it is not the same he he he
Just..... missing that country and all the roots that I have planted before there.......................

Someday I will return to my beloved Rising Sun.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hillsong - Love You So Much

In this early morning, I felt a sudden shudder to praise my King.

Random blog but a very nice song to worship.
I realise, even though you have a stable job, an intellectual mind, a great husband/wife, helping others through charity etc, you still have that empty void and keep asking what is that knocking in my heart and why does it feel empty?

Maybe you can hear out this song and who knows it touches that empty void.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Oooo la la

Guys, I will post a blog about 2 absolutely amazing artists, both males, from different continents.

Why do I like Pitbull?
  1. He always has amazing bodacious dancers, not the skinny scrawny ones.
  2. His songs are always dynamic, upbeat and dang hot.
  3. His interview sessions are always very energetic, funny and very multi-cultural in how he speaks about his songs and himself.
I always have a thing with guys that have long black hair, with big muscles like gorillas, cool but funny at the same time. But, PITBULL is different. He makes me believe that there are many men out there who still love curvacious women just like my friend said "bon-kyu-bon" women. LoL.

Here is his interview from the AMA.

Next, is GACKT. Ah, he is just my typical guy. But, as a Japanese male artist. He is not too skinny, he's tall, he's a perfectionist, he has lots of pet dogs, great white teeth (shark? LOL), deep voice and looks totally CUTE CUTE CUTE. HE SEEMS PERFECT.

These guys are the type where ladies should be careful though. From most of my experiences, perfect-looking guys usually have the deepest darkest secrets because they don't show their true self most of the time. ha ha ha
But anyway, enjoy his prank interview from the Yellow Fried Chicken reporter-conference. Damn funny....

Random blog. hahaha

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random thought #2 refugees

Currently, politics is what has been crossing my mind for a few days.
Every time I read an article on the wisdom of our current PM in Australia, my blood boils.

I know there's always 2 sides to every story and not every person tells the truth.
But really, here is my take on PM's decision to swap children and adult refugees to Malaysia in exchange with 4000 skilled migrants.

This, is only a short-sighted type of action that I see from her and her new upcoming tax policy on carbon emission.

On a segment of Today's Tonight or Current Affair I can't remember which channel that will go on air tonight, they will broadcast about foreign traders (and they put Asian face) which significantly questions Australians whether foreigners (Asians that they portray in the TV) actually do provide better, cheaper, faster service than the locals (white Australians).

If there is many Australians dislike foreigners, like how I was often abused when I was a kid because I am not white, WELL....look what the government has done to educate the Australian minds. (well not only Australia, discrimination exists in all parts of the world! not just skin but even status :D)

What our PM is doing right now is depicting that Asians actually have skills and if the PM cabinet wants local Australians to think that 'foreigners' are not threatening local jobs, then why swap with an Asian country anyways?????????????????????????

This carries on with the media. Sure I have no idea about the hidden agendas behind the 2 governments.

The problem is, it is the leaders that educate the mentality of the citizens on how they welcome or unwelcome the new or future or past arrivals.

Even if the Malaysians do arrive, they will be just treated like outsiders but fortunately they have skills and that's it.

This is a short-term solution, yes, but there will always be more and more asylum seekers coming to Australia and what will Gillard do? Will she keep on doing the same thing?
Will she make agreements with India next? Or China? Or Philippines?
Why not Germany? Why not swap with England? Why not with Switzerland? So silly...

I do not get the logic with PM and her short-sightedness.

How about the refugees in Christmas Island, they felt as if they were stuck in a bird cage. Wanting to be free. It even costs $1000 to replace a light bulb on that island because it is so remote and no electrician so they have to ship everything from sydney. *a true confession from someone who works for the detention centre management*

Why can't Australia cultivate these refugees and make use of their strengths and power instead of confining them in a steel prison?

I am sure that when people took refuge and flew out of their countries for safety (or other reasons), they are already willing to stake their lives on the journey itself to reach Australia.

Instead of shipping kids or their many hidden talents to another country, we can actually educate these kids to be the future bright citizens no matter where they come from.

Sorry if I stray away from the topic, but really, what the PM is seeing is only the short-term sight. I know Australia is a young country in contrast to America or England, but exchanging these people and treating them like container goods sound morally and ethically wrong.

Why not use the money to educate, clothe them, put them into traineeships and may even build the detention areas like christmas island as an area where diversity can flourish for the future. We just need to give them a chance, of course with good screening on their backgrounds.

It is the young generation and also cultures that diverse the country, not just technical skills, where is humanity.

What ever the future that holds for Australia, I wish God leads this country to become smarter, have high morals and ethics, and yea, lower the australian dollar for a bit may be good to some extent hahaha It is just getting too expensive.

I know I am just a normal blogger, I am not a student of politics let alone a lawyer.
Just a commoner who sees what the media, PM's words and judgments to create a better environment for the future of Australia.

Politics is always complicated, yes.
I know I can only yap yap yap yap, but seriously, balancing the good and the bad is never an easy task for any leader. We can't please both sides, right?
I grew up in Australia, I still love Australia. Please be well ... :)


Friday, September 2, 2011

The new Japanese Cabinet

Congratulations to the new Prime Minister: Yoshihiko Noda.
I am going to list the cabinet who was announced on Friday.

Chief Cabinet Secretary: Osamu Fujimura

Foreign Minister: Koichiro Gemba

Defense Minister: Yasuo Ichikawa

Finance Minister: Jun Azumi

Economy, Trade and Industry Minister: Yoshio Hachiro

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister: Michihiko Kano (retained)

Justice Minister: Hideo Hiraoka

Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister: Masaharu Nakagawa

Health, Labor and Welfare Minister: Yoko Komiyama

Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister: Takeshi Maeda

Reconstruction Minister: Tatsuo Hirano

Postal Reform Minister: Shozaburo Jimi (People's New Party) (retained)

National Strategy Minister: Motohisa Furukawa

Internal Affairs and Communications Minister: Tatsuo Kawabata

Environment Minister, also in charge of the nuclear crisis: Goshi Hosono (retained)

Government Revitalization Minister, also in charge of Civil Service Reform: Renho

Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission: Kenji Yamaoka

Taken from:

I am not fond of following Japanese politics let alone Australian ha ha ha But, I kind of want to upload their new cabinet line-up.

And, I wonder how long will he last and what kind of contributions and changes will he make to this super country? :D

Just came in on today, a picture of when Naoto Kan officially leaves his office on Friday. He was given a flower bouquet, don't you think he looks really happy as if he won a Lotto? ha ha ha .... This is maybe his happiest face during his office years. LOL

Awww... I wish you good luck in your future endeavours, Mr.Kan.

Courtesy of



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

MIA..... OOPS!

Missing In Action... :(

Hello my blog and maybe readers? ha ha ha I have been missing in action for almost more than 2 weeks.

My parents are here because of the Ramadhan and Lebaran (fasting and end of fasting holidays) for around 3 weeks. I am very happy and glad since I only get to see my dad once per year.
So now, we can eat nice food and this means a lot of happy tummies every night! :D :D :D

Anyway, during these past 2 weeks, I had a job interview on Skype which is widely use in today's interview processes. It was a very fun experience and less nerve-wrecking in contrast with the face-to-face interview. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is very poor. *blah*

Okay so in this blog, I would like to post an entry on my current work for a non-profit organisation and also my day trip to....... *scroll down if you want to know!*

1. My Voluntary Work

In the beginning of August, I started on a volunteering work at the Japan Foundation Sydney to assist guests for being an assistant to their most-recent gallery exhibition called "Japanese Design Today".

It opened on the 29th of July till the 16th of September.
If you like unique designs, or if you are a design student, or an inspiring upcoming designer who focuses mostly on interiors, do come and visit us and you may even more inspired in your works!

What is it?
Simply put, Japanese Design Today is a display of vast arrays of Japanese inventions for the last 50 years, from Aibo (the 1st robot dog in the world), to a display of the first hybrid car (Toyota I think?), even the most amazing unthinkable jigsaw-like erasers! etc

I do get a lot of visitors from many office-workers because we are located in the heart of the CBD. (Central Business District)
The common question that is often asked is "Can I buy them?"
And fortunately, global online shopping websites are readily available, just a click away.

We do have a favorite object in the gallery for example the Yamaha Scooter, and I still remember 2 office workers asked me whether they can borrow it.
And I jokingly said "OF course you can! But you can not touch it" hahahaa.....
They laughed away.

I also partnered up with a lovely lady, she is intelligent and really easy to talk to. I really miss her, and fortunately we took the last photo together with the coordinator.
Sorry, I had to blur their faces just in case.
Here we are posing behind the famous Yamaha!

I only have 2 shifts left for the next 2 weeks, but seriously, I never yawned or even get bored.
I am very happy being surrounded with like-minded people who appreciate uniqueness and the abstract minds of arts and objects and coincidentally I did Arts in university. ha ha ha (not that it's connected)

I hope that there will be more visitors coming into our gallery in the last closing weeks.
Anyway, the organisation that I am currently working for has a broad range of activities for example yearly Film Festival, designer talks, manga-artists conference, assisting with JLPT learning, Japanese lessons and even classes sadou 茶道 (tea ceremony)and 生け花(ikebana: flower arrangement) conducted in Japanese (you need at least N4 for language skill ability).

I still remember when I was in Chibadai, I was very interested in joining Ikebana but the membership fee and the dougu (tools and flowers) are very expensive, hence I did not join it.

Below are the details !

29 July – 16 September 2011
Japan Foundation Gallery
Monday – Friday, 11am – 4pm, Wednesdays open late until 8pm
Closed on weekends
Free admission

2. Day Trip to... Hunter Valley !!! 28th August 2011

Me and my girlfriends decided to go to Hunter Valley in New South Wales because we are wine fanatics. LOL

Just joking, I am apparently very weak to Sake/Alcoholic drinks because I am just.. weak. :p
Even a sip, I'll get drunk or heavily tipsy.

Now, the journey took us 2 hours and we heavily relied on the GPS navigating system.
Our trip started off by stopping at Mackers for breakkie, continued with non-stop munching the snacks that I brought.
(This is me and my friend posing with my fluffy furry hat which I got on Takeshita-Dori, Harajuku.)

Seriously, no one else thought of snacks and drinks except me. No wonder people call me mommy. LOL

The Australian country side is very interesting, they're just never-ending green pastures, series of horse ranches, cattle and their calves, more over, dead kangaroos on the road side. eeeuwww.w..w.w.w..w.w.w !!!
(More cows, cows, cows, munch munch munch) LOL

Anyway, I am just really happy to refresh my memories on Hunter Valley because the last time I went there was when I was really small, so I don't remember much. I have selective memory you know haha

Do you know why many Asians go to Australia? Well, apart from learning English that is!
One of the reasons is Australia has numerous numbers of European buildings like how we discovered this building just 20 minutes away from Hunter Valley vineyards area. Total Euro! LOL
This looks very European, it is a pub I believe he he he Me and my girlfriends were excited that we get to oversee a couple of restaurants and disbelieved about clothing shops. They were closed on a Sunday at 12 pm! LOL So, maybe we won't be moving to the suburbs yet. I think.

Anyway, when we finally arrived, we went directly to the Hunters Valley Visitors Centre.
They have heaps of brochure and just next to the Hunter Valley Airport.
What intrigues me is the line up of white Sakura trees that I can not resist not to take one.
This is our first stop! DE BORTOLI WINES.

I took several photos inside, there is no warning whatsoever about taking pictures, so I took a picture of their vineyard.
Here is the vineyard. Awesome ey?

I remember we were guessing why are the grapes gone? (Look at photo)

We suspected it's because of winter, they dry up and just waiting for the right season or some sort of reasons. LOL


Answer is very simple. They just collected them.
We were dumbfounded. :((( LOL we are too scientific to think up of simple reasons hahahaha

Anyway, this is taken inside the De Bortoli shop, it is like a warehouse and really grande!
There they are, you can see the wine barrels as well!
I took pic of this one, how awesome, rose wine?
I love the colour and the design, looks very posh, elegant and royal.

Then, it wouldn't be complete without jumping off in the middle of the vineyard.
LOL. FREE !!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I will let the photos talk and write few captions.

Anyway, we had a really nice lunch at Majors Lane Restaurant, I even bought their hand made sweet chilli sauce that's very pricey and I have yet to try. AUD $16.50 wow.

Putting aside the price, I had a really rare Australian luncheon style. Usually I eat Asian food like Washoku, korean food, Indonesian food, Thai Food, fusion food, so this is like a breath of fresh air to my diet.
Due to this healthy food, I can definitely tell you, my digestive system works better now (wink wink) hehehehe

Food photos next:
Smoked ham with brie, raspberry jam and bread.

Smoke salmon with fried mash potatoes.
Pate, bread, chutney, and other sauce I do not know what it is :(
Anyway, we also ordered chicken caesar salad, potato wedges with sour cream, and another plate of chutneys, plain awesomeness.
So, next is Blue Tongue brewery. In case you don't know, blue tongue lizard is Australia's native lizard species. When they had this candy that coloured your tongue to blue, we used to call each other 'blue tongue blue tongue'. blahh.. lame joke. hahaha

We ordered their beer paddles.
AUD $14.00 for each paddle, all by Blue Tongue brewery, the best is their ginger ale.
I like Japanese beers better! Like Asahi or Kirin, it suits my tongue!
I don't drink much but maybe because I don't drink much I know what is nice and what is not. ha ha ha Our afternoon chat was accompanied with this awesome guitarist, I don't know his name but he is amazing.
Rock on, Mr.Hendrix????? (Well Jimi Hendrix has a lot of old school guitars like this ojiichan has).

So next we went to Tempus Two! This is a very famous Australian winery factory.
Well, it used to be the French that operated the factory but then they sold it to the Australians and so they changed the name to Tempus Two. How do I know? The guy at the wine tasting counter told me so :P

I bought my sparkling wine from their 2011 selection and did not regret it.
It is spot on !! Not too sweet like their dessert wine, just, perfect.
Eat it with strawberries and it will enhance your taste buds. :D

And again, being narcistic in front of Tempus Two.
LOL I love these girls. :)

Anyway we left Hunter Valley around 5 pm and this is the sunset... How pretty and breathtaking.
Don't you feel like sighing and admiring and just, be grateful to this country even though it is not overly crowded and less shops to shop around... LOL

This is the last photo to end the blog, which way to choose?
Toronto (Canada) hehe he h eh eh eh h e h e he h ehe *cheeky Sasa*
booo hooo....

Hope you guys enjoy my new updated post.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Japanese Sandals: 下駄


This time the topic is geta !
Because I am obsessed about geta... he he Urgh, I am not going to do the informative type of blog about geta because I am just going to tell a story LOL

To put things short, geta is Japanese wooden clogs or sandals, worn with yukata (summer kimono- very thin and not as heavy as real kimono that has layers and layers inside).
I asked my Japanese friend if I can wear it with shorts or just with plain western clothes, and he said no, it should be worn with wafuku (Japanese clothes). Shux, anyhow, I should respect it :D

A good geta is made from paulownia wood because it is very light and for many other reasons which I am not familiar with hahaha

Seriously if you want to know lots more about geta go to wikipedia LOL

Anyway I bought 3 pairs of geta sandals in a shop in asakusa just a couple of streets away from Sensouji temple. I'm familiar with the owners, a pair of lovely ojiichan and obaachan, and this is the thing about me, I came across this shop by accident.
I got the sandals, and forgot to take the business card and just too busy talking to the owners.

The geta that I've uploaded on this website are custom-made by the ojiichan fit only for me.
He adjusted the fabric thong to fit my chubby toes LOL

When my mom wore it, obviously it could not fit her feet well.. ha ha ha ha
She also asked me "why are your heels outside the thongs, not inside the thongs"
I said to her "I also asked the same thing to the seller but they said it is how you wear it"
And I have the answer to the question.
To balance! You'll know why when you own and put on a pair, I hope the sellers will explain it to you and I think it also depends on the type of geta you buy! :D

I opted for the 2-ha (2 teeth) geta, they are really pretty and more traditional, harder to walk in than the modern ones where there's just one continuous heel for the geta.

Anyway, geta is different to zoori, the Japanese sandals where geisha maiko usually wear or just with really pretty kimono(s).

For this pair, I paid around 7000 yen-ish. Not bad for a pair of traditional Japanese sandals. The ones I bought for my priest and my son were slightly more expensive, the wood is really nice and smooth. The guys' geta are square-ish and of course really BIG. Mine is for females so the dai (台)is more oval. Dai is like the shape of the sandals.

And I think if I wear it with my yukata to the Tanabata festival, I will wear my hair like this.
ha ha ha ha with a little bit of kanzashi (hair accessories) pin somewhere at the side. hehe
Too bad I can't go to any of the festivals.. :( sad....

Now, what about this picture??

WHY Do i post a picture of another type of wooden sandals here? hahahahaha
Because this is Indonesian 'geta'.
We call it bakiak (ba from bark, ki for key, ak from whack). so ba-key-ack. :D
Sorry, I have really poor examples LOL

Now I will explain the difference between Indonesian bakiak and Japanese geta.
The most obvious is, we wear bakiak to dirty places LOL
To the toilet, to the super slippery dirtiest market places, and usually good ol grandmamas wear them.
We wear them because they are not slippery and the thong, yea not the nice fabric thongs like the Geta, they are made from rubber band ha h ah ah aha h ah a

And they nail it on the two sides with 2 small nails and you're done. hahahahaha

Very simple, not artistic, we just think of the use not the esthetic value like the Japanese does. :D
Bad thing about bakiak, well, common sense, wood + water = mouldy bakiak(s). LOL

So after we use it, we usually dry them out in the sun but even if we do so, they still get mouldy.

Anyway, I really miss the shop in Asakusa, and I hope I can go to Japan again before I start any new job (still hunting) LOL.

Then, gonna go to Ryougoku and take my beloved Toshiba rice-cooker back to Sydney.

I love my brown coloured rice-cooker. It's like my baby.... he he he he

By the way, I don't know if it is just me, but when I buy something, I love it so much that I wipe it everyday just to get rid of the dust.

Am I a clean freak? ha ha ha ha

Anyway, enjoy the blog, gahhh!!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random thought #1

I saw a status update from my friend that's written

A real man never hurts a woman!!!

Be very careful when you make a woman cry, because God

counts her tears. The
woman came out of a mans rib, not from his feet to be walked on, not from his
head to be superior but from his side to be equal! Under the arm to be
protected, and next to the heart to be loved

Just thinking how scary it is, if God counts the tears of a woman who dropped a single tear everyday for 40 years because a man left her when she's at her utmost vulnerable state.

What would God do, will He avenge her tears?
What about when a woman hurts a man? God will also count his unseen tears........
It's even more heartbreaking.

TO be honest, no matter if you are a woman or a man if you do something wrong, say sorry.

I've seen too many arrogant men and women, and in the end they lose even more.

But the thing is, it takes guts for one to admit their faults.

How many people have 'guts' these days I wonder?

Just a random thought..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fattening up week!


HOLY MOLY, I have not updated for almost a week, I usually update every 6 days or 5 days, not that much difference but still .... ha ha ha

This time, the blog is full of food because my closest 3 people in my life invited me to lots of food tastings, restaurant hops in Sydney.
2 of them had their birthday in this 4 days, and the previous days were spent in either Korean restaurant or Japanese restaurant.

Okay, in this blog I am going to write several topics and will be PICS HEAVY!
Why? Here goes the contents

1. Farewell lunch for Spongegirl
2. Bestie's Bday 1st celebration
3. Bestie's 2nd Bday celebration
4. Mom's Bday

Let's go to #1


Who is spongegirl? She's a friend I met back in TAFE 3 years ago when I studied Japanese, she is damn hilarious, talks her mind and blurts out like no tomorrow but with witty humour.

She's going back for good to her home country even though I also thought Australia is her home country.

We went to a Korean Restaurant near my house and apparently very famous for their ox tongue. But we didn't order that at all because we all wanted to eat Nabe with Makkeli.

So here is our photo, I may not be able to see her again, I don't know, I am so sad. I thought that when I am here, we won't go off all over the world anymore hahaha

Everyone has their own life.
Here she is.... she can eat alot and still slim, like many Japanese girls, I don't know how LOL

Then, what is Makkeli?

Makkeli, is a korean word for Rice Wine, hahhh.. not many people knew that right? hehe
Usually it is 6% alcohol, so my friends said it's pretty safe for me, they all know I can't drink hehe
See? You have to shake the bottle well so the rice mixes up well with the drink.
So, if anybody wants to go to this restaurant, go ahead since I am going to put the details here.

My recommendation is their ox tongue, their jab chae, BBQ to be honest, they are all good. Must be one of my favorite korean restaurants in Sydney.

The location is quite hidden in an alley but many people are well informed of this restaurant, you wouldn't get lost whatsoever! so I will just give you the details.

Madang Korean Restaurant
371A Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 7010
Mon to Sun 11:30am - Midnight

2. Bestie's 1st Bday Celebration

Now now, this birthday celebration is supposed to be a 3 DAYS celebration, gosh.. LOL
Costs me alot T_T money, i need money... 実はお金が大必要だ 笑!
So it was her birthday on the 5th of August!

I arranged a birthday dinner for me, her and my sister at this German Restaurant.
This restaurant is very famous too! They have real German band, authentic German antiques decorated on the walls, feels like you're in Germany! hahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa *TOAST*

And of course the German beer.
Let the photos do the talking.

The name of the restaurant is Lowenbrau.
We ordered 3 beers, I ordered lemon beer (the smallest since I can't drink much and I ended up drinking only half, mango beer (VERY FAMOUS!!!!!!) and my sister ordered the usual beer. LOL
Yea, I was mesmerised by all the beers, i swear i fall dead if i drink that many.

For the main meals we ordered jagerschnitzel , pig knuckle and pork something... They're all pork pork pork, my fav food. LOL
Pig's knuckle.

This is the one that I ate
small but to be honest, fits my stomach perfectly.

This is my friend's order. I don't know how to say it, you have to go to their website and check it out and the name is so long...
It looks delicious, she finished it all off and since she's the birthday girl, she got any main meal under $35 for FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky girl. Cos me n my sis had to pay LOL

But anyways, I arranged a secret surprise for her. I told the waitress to bring over someone from the band to play her a happy birthday song.


She was so shocked, death by embarrassment, and the good thing is I taped everything on video hahaha *evil mellon*

This is the trumpet player, he was literally like 20 cm away from her face LOL
The guys next to our table were even cheering and singing happy birthday for her hahaha I hope this will be an unforgettable birthday for her... :D

I guess she was so happy that she decided to give me a kiss..

Let me give you the info on this famous German Restaurant, it is located in the Rocks Sydney, so you can see the Sydney harbour bridge and just opposite to Guylian Chocolate Cafe. LOL
Awesome ey?
Book from website (they can confirm with you via email or phone) or call *if 2 days before booking*.

3. Bestie's 2nd Day birthday celebration

Okay, same person different restaurant LOL
She invited me again to have dinner with the girls, not-so private function located in front of Darling Harbour, Sydney.

I feel really happy that this time Darling Harbour put on fireworks for her, sounds like a great b'day huh. hahahaha

This time we ate at I'm Angus steak restaurant. I was going to eat the cheapest menu there but turns out is the biggest, yeah I know, I kind of suck LOL

I ate half-rack pork rib. LOL all my friends were laughing at me the way I ate, but seriously can you eat half-rack pork ribs with pretty manner? With knife and fork without wearing a bip?

I won't upload a pic of that but I will upload this picture of her birthday cake, AWESOME!
She got the cake as a present, how wonderful !! haha
The restaurant sliced the cakes with additional ice cream for us and FREE.. Awesome ey?

Now the details

I'm Angus Steak House
The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf
Sydney NSW 2000

T: 1300 989 989

4. Last one!!!!!!!!!!!!

This restaurant is called Encasa. Spanish Restaurant and for the last 12 years since I moved to the city, I have never stepped my foot even once in this beautiful mouth smouldering restaurant.

It's just that, it is always crowded, the line is long and kinda made you lost your appetite.
But this time since it's my mom's bday, I booked it in early and we even came 1 hour early from the booking time.

Here goes the pics
Fried potatoes with mayonnaise and a bit sour tomato chili sauce but OMG, everybody orders this dish. I saw that every table has this dish LOL Damn I don't know the name of this one, I was chugging down my sangria and went tipsy ha h aha

We also ordered Spanish spaghetti (or pene if you want), This one is called primavera.

This is one of the 4 tapas (small dishes) that we ordered.
Bread with very salty fish soaked in olive oil but OMG so delicious.

We also had pizza called Mediterraneo !
Classic plating, with 3 olives, perfect, belissimo (no isn't that Italian? hahaha)

I also took a picture of the decoration.
It is as if you're in a tunnel, totally authentic, even the table cloth feels like you're eating in one of those small-medium restaurant in Europe, a bit dodgy from the outside but feels totally warm and fuzzy in the inside !!

Now, more food pictures.. hahaha Another tapas! Bread with salami, yummmmmm
So delicious, the salami is not too salty it is just perfect and delicious.

Me eating salami. LOL
Yum yum yum yum yum......................................................
And we safely got back home, me a bit tipsy and mom cutting her birthday ice cream cake from Baskin n Robins, Haagen Dazs preferred but no cake from them LOL

Happy birthday mommy!!

Oh, how do people celebrate birthdays in Japan? Do people eat noodle as a sign of long life?

Sorry my blog is just full of food pictures, maybe unnecessary for many people but it's for fun reading he he he

Now if anyone can guess, WHAT IS THIS LAST PICTURE?

Have fun reading !!!!!!!!