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Week 7: 忙しい週だっ!Busy Week

Wow, it's already Week 7!!!I missed out on Week 6, urgh, I feel Japan is draining me out!!! You know, time flies when you enjoy your life OR when you are just being lazy. LOL
But to be honest, I enjoy my life. Every day I go to my Nihongo Gakkou and study my brains out, intense course to be honest but nevertheless I enjoy studying kanji, grammar and I am so thankful to my Father in heaven who always supports me and also my family!
The picture above, is.. DURIANS! OMG, who does not love durians? On the 15th of May 2010, I went to the Thailand Festival 2010 in Yoyogi Kouen (Yogogi Park) with my 3 friends, 2 of whom I met on the day.

Here is us: Me, Lian, Thai guy i dont know his name sorry haha and Maria.
I ate heaps of food OMG, the food there is total slurpies, yummies, you'll KO yourself from food ecstasy just like I did. LOL
We also took some photos like this one "freakin hilarious"
I'm the one in the middle!!! hehehehe

Week 5: 3-4 May 2010 Church Youth Camp (Last Week)

Please forgive me for the really late update on my blog here!! I just finished my part-test today in my Language school and it really caused me huge headache.

This time, I dedicate my blog for what occurred last week!

On the 3rd-4th of May 2010, my church the Gereja Interdominisili Injili Indonesia Tokyo went to Atami Himenosawa Shizen no Ie for church camp.

This is my first time participating in a camp in Japan, I've been to several youth camps in Sydney, of course, I've lived there half of my life. :D

We went to the site by bus, and I picked the smaller one because it is quieter so I can sleep.
People who know me well definitely agree that I need sleep.
I was the registration committee and practically handled everything on my own, lack of sleep, and continuous calls and taking care of the registrations, it is such a treacherous work!

If it wasn't for God's help I think I would have fallen sick and unable to get up everyday till camp day.
For example:
Some people called me lik…