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My Ayang... ha ha ha

Dear readers,

It has been a while since my last post which was in May. It's been more than 4 months but I'm still here in Jakarta Indonesia.

Just a little update, now I am no longer a secretary, I am actually promoted as a supervisor! he he he
Secretary to the President Director may sound high-up there but trust me, I learn much more in this position.

I never regret it because knowledge is priceless.

Other thing, I am now with my boyfriend for more than half a year, still a long way to go but hey, life is about taking little leaps of faith and of course.. dancing to Gangnam Style ha hah ah aha ha

Okay, I posted that picture because THAT IS THE church camp where I met my boyfriend 2.5 years ago, out of all beautiful sceneries and interesting people I was surrounded with... I do not know why but I wanted to take his picture. AND when we had this game session, I only wanted to take his sole photo. No one else.
And, I did not know who he is at that time.

We did not even introduce…