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28 June 2018: Melbourne Winter

Hello everyone, it's been a while now!  My previous posts that dated back on 19 March 2018 were not actually created on that date. They were written maybe back in 2010-2011 but I did not publish them due to my circumstances that disallowed me to write anything about life.
I really want to update everyone how I am going! As you can see from my writing, I sound more mature oh yes, I surprised myself.

As a mother in her early 30s, with a toddler (under 5), full time working mom, geez life is very hectic but really cannot slow down even if I wanted to and would be a bliss if I could!

But no, I totally enjoy everything right now.

As you can see from my photo with hubby (LOVE IS IN THE AIR--> all the time for us). LOL so cheeessyy! 
Ever since I moved to Melbourne, I thought things will slow down. But I guess not ever since you have a kid.
Having a lil boy who follows you everywhere from waking up to wanting to know where I am even though I was in the shower to even folding clothes/h…