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6月へよこそうっ!Part 2

(translation: Indonesia, my homeland)

Continuation.. yes... yes..! Are you ready??? This part will be quite short, I know I uploaded a lot of pictures and made my browser runs too slow.

So, in this part, I will post the photos of my reunion and Jakarta's Sea World in Ancol!!
One of the roads inside the amusement park (above picture). Taman Impian Jaya Ancol otherwise known as Ancol Dreamland is an integral part of Ancol Bay City, a resort destination located alongJakarta's waterfront, in AncolKelurahan, Pademangan, Indonesia. (Wikipedia) They also have this crazy club called "Alexis", full nude dancers are available for view ba ha ha ha ha... I've never been there, I don't really lie :PThis is the entrance into the aquarium, I think it costs like 70 000 rupiah or AUD $8 or around 700 yen per person. The price is the same for weekends or public holidays.
But you can get discount if you use a certain Bank card, I forgot whi…


Just a thought that made me realise something.

"How can one opt to treat someone, take everything away from her with no thank you- no sorry, no goodbye, no nothing... I realised I was treated like a 女郎"




6月へよこそうっ!Part 1

................................................ WORLD...................................

これはシドニーハーバー橋の下を取った写真です。 スゲーだよね!私と姉はthornleighに行く途中で、橋の後ろは美しい空を見るとすぐ「写真を取らなきゃ」と思った。
Okay, so I am back in Sydney since the 29th of May!! I have just been back from my 10 days trip in Jakarta.
I visited my family, met my old elementary school friends and they're either in a relationship, engaged or getting married this year. LOL
So in this post, I would like to say that I am very happy in Sydney except for the weather. In this 1.5 years that I've been away from Sydney, I only experienced summer once. I miss SUMMER and SPRING.
The season is Winter and I have winter-allergy! I always get sick during early winter and have been sick for almost a week.
This is a very excruciating pain, plus, I have just changed my internet provider! So without a week of Internet, and endless fever + flu + cough and no one to take care of me, I could tell you it is a p…