Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tsukiji Party

On the Wednesday of 勤労感謝の日(Labor Thanksgiving Day) which is the 23rd of November, I went out with my Church friends to Tsukiji. Since it is a public holiday, we decided to go to Sushizanmai!
(LEFT): In front of me: Stella --> her friend, Scan, Mac.
(Right): Me, Victor, Aji, Franky.

Sushizanmai is A Sushi-chained-restaurant, and pretty well-known here in Tokyo. They have 3 restaurants in Tsukiji and I went to the Honten (the mother resto).

I succeeded in persuading the 3 people on my table to eat ABURITORO, SHAKO and AKAGAI.

How to get to Tsukiji:
-By Hibiya Sen (subway): Get off at H10 (Tsukiji Station/ Tsukiji Eki), take Exit 1 and walk pass Hongan-Ji (the European Temple looking building) and cross the Big Intersection.
(U only need to walk straight no right or left turns/crossings) and you will directly see the big placard SUSHIZANMAI.

- By Oedo Sen (subway): Get off at TsukijiShijo Station and follow directions. l

Since it is located in the outer market of Tsukiji Fish Market, you can also look around after eating your meal with a tummy full of fish hehehehe

I feel so happy that they took me out.
I felt so entertained and feel so burden-free! They all missed me so much since most of them haven't seen me for 3 weeks!!
And especially it is MAGURO(tuna)-EATING-TIME. LOL

I thought it will be an -all Indonesian lunch gathering but instead, my friend brought her Japanese friend who is her classmate!

I ended up paying 2400 Yen per person and we had 4 people.
Me, Stella, Asuza and Victor. hahahaha

I think Vic always has this "I am ready" pose everytime I try to take picture LOL. What an awesome poser :P

I think the picture below is hilarious!!!
You know that if you take the Oedo Sen (Subway), their exit @ the RYOGOKU Station will present you with this FREE Sumo booth to take pics with your friends!

Just like what I DID! hahahahahaha
We are all kinda fit to be sumo wrestlers hahahaha
They all wanted to come into my house but I think Oakhouse will break loose, trying to with held our weight. LOL

They wanted me to go with them to Asakusa to sing @ Karaoke and just walk about along the Sumida-river, but I didn't go. I studied instead.

It was refreshing after many things happened.
I know things will never go back the way it used to be.....................
But hey, regret always comes last.

Just focus on the future you know. LOL

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Korean BBQ In Oakhouse Ryogoku!

On Saturday the 20th, we had a KOREAN BBQ Party!!!!

Damn Awesome! The master chef, Choi-san (Left) from Korea is so nice he bought all these awesome awesome Korean meat, and made 2 types of soup for us here the residents of Oakhouse Ryogoku!

We had all the salad lined up, the soy-paste, the yummiest slices of grilled beef, the super mouth-salivating soup and rice, it was just never ending party!

I told him that we should have this once per month but he said that the next time we have one it will be me (Indonesian food).
Geeze, making traditional food is NEVER easy.
Oh, before we started I made a starter it was Fried Chicken Mayonnaise. Everyone LOVED IT.
Here is the picture! (above!).
Then, I received a cocoa-coated chocolate cake from Fugu-chan, he brought it to me in the morning. He said that he bought it on the lobby of the fanciest hotel in Ryogoku. LOL
It costs him a lot he said. LOL
The Master Chef is the one on the far right and thanks Fugu chan for taking the pic. LOL
Too bad, Kan-chan came late and Nii-chan did not come at all or maybe because I was gone already to bed... LOL
I wonder why I am not a strong drinker.
There are more pictures that depict the awesomeness but my iphone camera does not fit every single thing so this will do!!!
AGAIN, this is superb divine food that might envy your eyes, your tongue, your hands and your TUMMY.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeee FOOD! LOL
SO... happy reading !!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

KanChan's Birthday!


So today's my housemate's birthday! We celebrated her 23rd in a really marine-life-look alike restaurant! The entire atmosphere is comfortable enough and the lights are dimmed to create the under the sea effect!

This is inside the room and behind it is an aquarium.

We had nomihoudai which is "all you can drink" + food enough for 5 persons.

For 2 hours we paid 3500 Yen and really loved it!

We all had fun taking turns to ask Kan-chan a question about herself!
And, it was great finding out more info from her.LOL

This restaurant is located in Yurakuchou, so basically you have to ride the train on Yamanote-Line.

The address, hmm... I will give you the details if you post me a message requesting for the details.

I am not really fond of dark rooms but I think it is quite romantic just to eat casually on a Friday night.

On the right here is Yaya, Me and Choi-san (from Korea).

With 3500 yen with your friends surrounding you, I don't think anyone will sulk on their birthday!

You made wishes, move on, and suddenly you're one year older.

Life passes you in a blink of an eye.
But life would be a waste without having fun and enjoying what life has to offer you.

This is Yurakuchou at night, Yurakuchou is in Tokyo! Just after Tokyo Station and next to Ginza!!!
Really pretty huh?!!!!!!


And lastly, A picture of me, wearing make-up.
Foundation liquid: Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation Architect
Powder: Revlon
Eyes: all Maquillage Bright Contrast Eyes
Lips: Revlon

Have Fun Reading people!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Piling Up Days

Haha, I am reminiscing my days in Chiba Dormitory! This pic was taken on the day of Thanksgiving I believe, urgh, I forgot!
I miss everyone in Chiba University.

Anyway, the end of the week is already here and I am sure we are all tired.
Unlike in Australia, Japan is a country where people constantly work 24/7, NOT literally 24/7 but maybe 16/7. hahaha

Most companies still require their employees to come in during the weekends but I believe it is unhealthy.
Around yesterday, I was standing near the exit door beside a really SLEEPY MAN.

I mean, he was sleeping - standing and I can guarantee you if the train door kept closed, I am sure he would've fallen to the ground and just snored away. lol

If I have a company, I would give appropriate treatments to my subordinates, making sure they work in their most optimum conditions.
LACK of SLEEP = Moody, Stressful, Lacking Team Effort, Introvert and trigger many health issues.

Apart from that, I should watch my own health!!!

I have announcements to make!

1. I am going to start my GYM Regime again! YEAY!! And I will be making video blog about my weight loss once per week on Youtube.

2. I just applied for work permission today in the school for shuushoku seikatsu! (Finding employment!). I have gunned myself with certificates from 2 prestigious universities (University of Sydney and Chiba University), better try than do nothing right?

3. Going to do Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken N2 this upcoming December!

More exciting stuff is this weekend! I am going to watch a Theatrical play (演劇)called Monro.
On Saturday at 5 pm in Shinjuku with Mr.Fugu!
I am looking forward to that!!

Apart from that, Tokyo is getting really cold, it was 11 Degrees Celcius and people have been wearing scarves and long jackets.

Oh yes, Japanese women wear a lot of boots but the other day I saw a short program on how Wearing Boots for too long leads to Swollen feet because boot soles are flat and the space for the calves is inadequate for the calves to move.

Especially if you sit and work in the Office for 5 hours with occasional walks to the toilets, your ankles can swell up to 2-3 cm in addition to your normal ankle measurements.

So how do you solve this?
According to the program, you have to massage your feet, ankles, and to make circles with your ankles and it will return to its original state.

WOW! I don't have boots, I guess I will never have this problem. LOL
Japanese women' shoes size is much too small for me. Only 22.5-24.5 cm. And I usually go for 25.5 to 26 cm!
(I know I am just putting random pics) LOL

This is why I have to go to International brands like H&M, Zara etc.

But, I was lurking around in 0101 Department Store in Kinshichou the other day and I saw a boutique for larger feet!
Maybe I should try going there.

Anyways, since the past 3 days have been really nice!! I am going to do my 2nd round of laundry and plan my study for my upcoming Exam.

Yeah, I succumbed to my friend's request to do the exam on Monday.
So plenty of time for me to study!


Love y'all God bless


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Day

After almost 3.5 weeks not seeing Mr.Fugu cos he was on a business trip to Mie, we finally met up!

Yes yes, alot of arguing but also a lot of memories that need to be cherished were made!
I can assure you that! (FROM THE ARGUMENTS we had).

Me and Fugu are total complete Definite Opposites in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
But hey, that what makes life interesting isn't it.
If not, it will be boring. :D

Neways, he came 2 days before Halloween and it is so thoughtful of him to celebrate Halloween by buying me cute candles.

And not only that, he bought me a Studying Charm from the famous Ise Shrine which is located in Mie-ken Prefecture to dedicate Japan's Goddess called Amaterasu.

And he also bought me jelly Halloween stickers and stick them all over in my room. I KINDA feel my room is a bit spooky now hahahahaha
But anyways, I love them, even though I was kind of wishing more.
He did not even give me a specific present for my graduation. LOL

Nevertheless, I should be grateful enough.

More updates from me later on. Just hold on