Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The meaning of Marriage

The current generation of marriage is totally different in essence, ethics and morals compare to our older generations, simply our parents and grandparents.

I think there is a large gap since the growth and development of social media contribute to the extensive knowledge of other cultures and sub-cultures in other societies. They influence many of our opinions and interests, extending our power even more less than yesterday's knowledge.

But I wonder if people especially in my culture, in this country that I live in especially those close to me know the real meaning of marriage.
What does it mean to be married?
Is it only vows that you spoke of in front of the altar, then you forget about it the next day when you have arguments.
Or, you run off to someone for simple matters?
Or, do you forget that being married also involve to your larger families (extended families)?

I can't judge anyone because I am not a judge, yet, an imperfect human being on that note.

On this blog, I would like to impose that marriage takes adulthood, takes responsibility of your spouse's feelings more than yourself on many and most occasions, balancing your own feelings towards your in-laws if you don't like them etc, or even to give an objective opinion because HONESTLY, who knows what they think of you!

Bottom line, I can't judge and I don't want to judge, I just wonder, why they deplete so much, selfish and cowardly.

I, dont, know.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015: a 3 year off from my Blog


I forgot what I posted last time since I don't want to look back.
BUT, I graduated. From USYD (Sydney Australia), AND CHIBA UNIVERSITY (Japan). 

 So, I  want to fast forward everything. I have moved back from Japan to Sydney, looked for a job and didn't make it in Sydney.

Somehow, I got an interview in Jakarta then worked in a Japanese company, received numerous promotions and I quit my job after 3 years just when my GM wanted me to take over and entrust me with his whole division. He wanted me to write all 3 departments' Standard Operating Procedures then become a trainer for everyone in the company while at the same time watching and supervising system documentation since our division is the first in the whole Japanese Group *Globally* to integrate such system. I spent like 3 months working alone to write down a system manual handbook and shipped off to China as a sample for their system. I am bragging yes I know but seriously, I worked my butt off.

Damn, I love my work, my job, my career and all the late nights I spent with my beloved computer at work. lol I sound like a workaholic.

But now, I quit my job just almost 10 months ago. I guess I needed an early retirement, NOT. Gotchaa


This is me when I was in the job-search process.

Because I am now a married woman, I have a wonderful 8 month-old son and a very caring husband.

I love my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee even though I don't work anymore *SOB SOB*.

OK, so what is my plan?

I, melloniser, promise that I will return to blogging I PROMISE. I LOVE BLOGGING. It is just that the contents will be a lot different since now I have a cute baby who I love to cuddle kiss (which he will squeal in between).

So in the meantime, stay tune. 
I loveeeeeeeeeeeee you all.