Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015: a 3 year off from my Blog


I forgot what I posted last time since I don't want to look back.
BUT, I graduated. From USYD (Sydney Australia), AND CHIBA UNIVERSITY (Japan). 

 So, I  want to fast forward everything. I have moved back from Japan to Sydney, looked for a job and didn't make it in Sydney.

Somehow, I got an interview in Jakarta then worked in a Japanese company, received numerous promotions and I quit my job after 3 years just when my GM wanted me to take over and entrust me with his whole division. He wanted me to write all 3 departments' Standard Operating Procedures then become a trainer for everyone in the company while at the same time watching and supervising system documentation since our division is the first in the whole Japanese Group *Globally* to integrate such system. I spent like 3 months working alone to write down a system manual handbook and shipped off to China as a sample for their system. I am bragging yes I know but seriously, I worked my butt off.

Damn, I love my work, my job, my career and all the late nights I spent with my beloved computer at work. lol I sound like a workaholic.

But now, I quit my job just almost 10 months ago. I guess I needed an early retirement, NOT. Gotchaa


This is me when I was in the job-search process.

Because I am now a married woman, I have a wonderful 8 month-old son and a very caring husband.

I love my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee even though I don't work anymore *SOB SOB*.

OK, so what is my plan?

I, melloniser, promise that I will return to blogging I PROMISE. I LOVE BLOGGING. It is just that the contents will be a lot different since now I have a cute baby who I love to cuddle kiss (which he will squeal in between).

So in the meantime, stay tune. 
I loveeeeeeeeeeeee you all.