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Week 10: The After Exam

Finally, the heaviest stress-load from my brain is GONE!!!!! Not entirely but ALMOST!
Well, let's not talk about exam because my head is like scrambled eggs and I don't want it to go even mushier.
After I went back from school, I met my ex-housemate who is crashing in our house tonight and glad to have him back! He bought Marimo youkan from Hokkaido and it is SO-SWEET!
Because I was STURRRRVIIINGGG (read: starving), I went to Uzuki, the Ramen-shop behind my house where I often talk with the ten-ins there!
Funny thing is I called the waiter as Ten-Chou which means (Shop Owner) when in fact the shop owner is this old guy who is working in the kitchen. LOL I was so embarassed.
The Ten-in who he proclaimed himself as "Nii-san", asked me Qs and as he shot all those bullet questions.. AND... I played along. LOL
He said "So you can speak and read English, Japanese and Chinese?" I said.."no not chinese, but Indonesian."
And he said "wow, Indones…

Week 10: Hell Week

Well.. well.. what can I say, week 10!! A lot of things happened last week but I have no time for a long story so just to make it short, I am going to conclude that I am in the middle of my exam week.
It only goes for 3 days, today tomorrow and next Monday. I thought today is reading a composition and then read it aloud in front of the teacher, but in fact it's a READING TEST as in.. read a composition, how stupid can I be?? MUAHAHA
Seriously, morning classes cause me brain dead.
Anyway, I used up the whole 50 minutes that the teacher gave us to fully answer all the questions AND.. to be honest, I am not confident at all.
But you know what, life must go on and currently I am going to study for my next exam which is tomorrow mostly on vocabs, grammar and Kanji. The 1st hour consists of the choukai (listening). Oh God, I suck @ this. LOL
Please pray for me. hehehehe

Week 9: End. OMG...

I love this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Me and my church friends went to this KBox near Suidobashi Eki)
Firstly, I would like to express my apologies for not updating! It's been a tough 2-3 weeks I think since the last blog.
I am just always literally tired and I think I know the cause!
It's that I've been spending too much time outside my school time and in addition to that, I need to wake up early every morning!
Poor time management to be exact.
I don't want to waste my time and since next week is my final exam week (Thursday, Friday and the Monday after), I need to organise myself and slap my cheeks hard if I stray away from my priorities.
All I need to do right now is make a study plan for L.1- L.8 and NAIL THAT DAMN TEST and apply everything in my daily life so that I can improve my Japanese! :D