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Missing Skateboarding in Japan

I don't know why but I am ONCE AGAIN excited jumping on the skateboard. Unfortunately, I do not have any skateboards on me even though I planned to buy one ever since I moved to Japan last year.
I have spotted skateboard shops around Harajuku, but I prefer riding on free skateboards. Would not anyone agree with me? LOL
By the way, it is very rare to see a girl skater in Japan nonetheless the guys' skaters. They are just hidden or maybe riding somewhere in an indoor skate buildings.
I've seen more of them around ever since I moved to Tokyo though and I am so happy if I spot one either in Yoyogi park or just watching some Youtube girls skateboarding. hehe
Anyone up for a skateboarding companion? lol
Cheers Sasa XOXO

26th July 2010: EEL DAY

Every year we have a day called the "EEL DAY" or "UNAGI DAY".Everyone eats eel on this day but seriously, I did not eat any unagi!
When my friend told me there is a Unagi Day I could not believe him until I see the sign with my own 2 eyes.
It turns out he is right!
I was amused but at the same time wonder whether Japanese might have any other days that celebrate food, maybe Natto Day? hauhauhauhuahahahaahhaah (eeuw- sorry I just dislike the smell not the taste).
Thanks for reading. SOrry for the late update.
Cheers, Sasa XOXO