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Swimming and Lighty-Lipgloss

One of my hobbies has turned my hair really2x DRY.. and I DONT LIKE IT!!! I swimming so much especially it's summer time now... the cool water rushes down beside your neck and the entire body feels very refreshing!

But the damn chlorine damages your hair and your skiN!

Like me today, before I jumped into the pool I smelled like the divine-gorgeous-diva... surrounded by the fresh air of citrus fruits... Like this (check below) When I got out, I smelled like a chlorine-robot.. eeuww!!!!!!!!!!!!! (look above.. OMG)

This is how my hair turned out after jumping into the pool... (I know, my top looks different.. hahaha)

So... when I got home, I took a shower and got ready for my HAIR MASK...!!

This one I bought in Priceline for like.. AUD$3.00, it says it has henna (Indian herbal used for colouring hair) and some animal's placenta.. i hope it's not pig.. Cos pig is my favourite food.. rather than put it on my hair I'd rather eat it. hehehehehehehe
Btw, this is the first t…

Shopping ~~!!

Wat a tiring day !!
Today I woke up really early.. let's see... 8.30 AM !! haha
I should congratulate myself for waking up that early.

It turned out that my house's alarm went off OMG that scares me!
They said that somebody must've cut the cable of the siren (worst case scenario) or the siren is faulty.

After getting ready for almost 1 hour, yea i know it takes a while, I'm a girl! LOL
I went there and checked out the whole house (prior to that I was praying non-stop on the bus till I got there.. you know.. to make sure no one broke into the house! haha).

And, nothing went wrong.
No one broke into.. nothing... exactly.. that is a mystery.. NOTHING!!!!!

Anyway, I called them... and... they sent out a technician.
When I opened the door.. a really cute young technician.. which I learned his name later on which turned out to be Hussein.. (bahaha.. i know ... ) He's really cute.. too bad he's short *cry sob sob sob*.

aND.. finally, we knew what went wrong, the siren was faulty…

Back to Training!

... OMG......... It's back... The day .. the day that it must come back... Back from binge-eating, back from too-superlicious-delicious-nonstop-holiday... It's time to freakin exercise!!!! O....M....G.... Should i skip the running part again? hahahahaha LOL Ok Mellissa, no matter what, you must try lose weight to 80 kg!!!!!! JIAYOU! JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRESS ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beautiful Mellon is unstoppable.... BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg.. Am I going berserk???????????????????????????????? Btw, I'm in with swimming, so if anyone of u wants to go swimming.. CONTACT ME!!!! MESSAGE ME!!! PM ME!!! hahahahahaha