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Graduation Day in Hong Kong

Dear fellow readers,
I have finally graduated after grueling years in the University of Sydney as one of the Bachelor of Arts students from 2006-2010. Sounds long? Because I saved up credits to apply for the Chiba University 2009-2010.
I missed out on the 8th of October 2010 graduation and instead went to the one in Hong Kong, JW Marriott Hotel on the 26th at 7 pm.
Check out my photo: I will make this world a better place. With my intelligence and God's blessing, I hope I can be of use to the world and to the people around me and make my parents proud.
Thank you for viewing my blog. And Long live USYD and Japanese Studies and IR/HRM
Ps: I have fever for 2 days now. T_T

My dinner for tonight!!

I bought the udon, the udon sauce, the seaweed, the eggs everything from the 100 Yen shop
Don't you just love 100 yen shop in Japan? LOL
Well how to make?
1. Boil one packet of udon. 2. Pour the Udon sauce (it comes in a bottle and says Udon Tsuyu). (It depends on your liking, if you like it salty, pour more, if not then less is better. So it is always BETTER to pour less first and later on building it up little by little). 3. Crack the egg and just put it in along with the udon and boil together. 4. When the udon is soft and the egg is done (1/2 cooked or hard boiled), pour them into your bowl.
-Add seaweed!! (I used dried seaweed but with hot water they go back to their original state). -Add chili oil. -Add more chili Powder (I AM A CHILI /SPICY CHICK). :p
So there YOU GO. EASY dinner/lunch for a chilly night in Japan.