Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and its Miracles

It feels so surreal that things pass by real quick this year.
I never thought I'd get through another year without getting older, yeah I wish. ha ha ha

Only less than a week and we welcome a brand new year, maybe a year that exceeds our expectations, or maybe a year much less than we expect, but nevertheless we must embrace all possibilities with open heart and open mind.

I have been MIA for quite a while, so sorry for the lack of updates.
As you all know who keep up with my blog posts, I went on a holiday the day after my JLPT exam.

With the lack of good connectivity in my home country, I can not be blamed :P
Phone carriers are trying their best to cater all their consumer needs but anyway, I'm disappointed with Matrix carrier, the reception is weak even in my house!
Telkomsel is the best ha ha ha ha

Anyway, cut the story short, I went diving in the island of Sulawesi, the pic is right there on top of my post.

I dived around Bunaken Island!
Well, I wanted to dive in their world recommendation sites e.g. Tanjung Kopi, Depan (Muka) Kampung and Mandolin Point, however our diving club took us to Fukui Point and Lekukan #3 (it means Bent #3) and the last diving spot that I didn't dive is quite horrible. Lucky I didn't dive, I was playing in the ocean in the middle of 2 meters waves because of the tide.

I got bruises on the half of my left torso LOL....... oh well.... I had fun by myself getting carried away by the current, the ship chased after me though so I am fineee.e..e.e..e I think I drank a lot of sea water... yuck. ha ha ha

Anyway, I did have lotsa fun and I wish to write more detailed stuff but I guess people will get bored.

Happiness is hard to achieve if you expect too much.
From now on, I enjoy little things that I experience even taking cold shower at 5 am. he he he

My life in my home country is not as easy as my life in Australia but most hardships will mature you.

I am just so grateful that I have Jesus Christ, the God many people make fun of, but I truly believe He is in our hearts and taking care of us and knows what's best for us if we believe in Him.

Some things are just impossible but many of my prayers are answered and they are always right in His time that in the end is beautiful and of course, makes me speechless, REALLY!

I wonder what New Year Resolutions people have brainstormed for 2012?
If you ask "what about you Sasa"
Well, I just got to say, I leave my resolutions all onto the hands of Jesus. Nothing to worry about.

he he he he

Okay, I wish you all a lovely night, lovely christmas Eve with God, and family.
Man, all the malls here are covered with Christmas trees and pressies. he he he he
Truly feels like CHristmas.

ANd, happy holidays! I will keep on updating this blog.

CHill Out and thanks for reading,


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Beloved said ""Every time I close my eyes your image is at the back of my eyelids". I cant explain more how much youve made this feeling so meaningful to me".

Such feelings being evoked from within because of somebody else worths millions more than diamonds.

It's hard to understand the meaning and their worth unless you experience things first hand.

So many smart people neglect and do not realise such emotions.

Everytime you are in a relationship and end it, you will always learn something out of it, even if you can't help it anymore....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yes, I've just finished my JLPT (nihongo nou ryoku shikeN) today.

Result? March.

Do you think I will pass? Only heaven knows.

Did you study? Yes I did, ijikan mae. LOL

Conclusion? Blah...........

After the exam, I fell flat on my bed and took a 3 hour nap.

Then I cooked dinner, and..... packing away to my holiday. LOL.

But oh boy, JLPT N2 2011 burnt 90% of my brains. If I can't remember things correctly today, at least you know what happened. ha ha ha ha ha

for the rest of you, good luck for your results. :D :D
Oh, but I think this year's not that bad. hehe