Today is the last day of May, so in turn I thought "Why not update this blog" ....

The topic is rather different and I picked it up from the news circulating around Facebook, that is animal cruelty.

Last night, Four Corners, a TV programme on ABC2 highlighted a serious issue around Australian cattle slaughtered inhumanely in Indonesian abattoirs.
The Indonesian abattoirs did not follow the correct methods of 'immediate slaughter' that may reduce stress on cattle, but instead, performed numerous methods that incur slow, painful death, not to mention leaving the animals 30 minutes to die or 33 stab wounds.

In Australia, abattoirs use stun gun on the head for immediate slaughter, but, Indonesian abattoirs seem not to like 'immediateness' but love seeing 'pain' on animals, hey at least that's what I seem to interpret.

The Indonesians have been performing numerous ways of slaughtering cattles especially during Lebaran. Goats/cattles, cut using hands with knife and left them to die, usually at the throat.

I see the similarities with the narrations on the video about cattle being slit on the throats.

THE PROBLEM: Australia wants to ban the Australian cattle export to Indonesia.

I see this as animal cruelty for some, but is it also the problem of slaughtering animal in a different way? (different country, different culture?)

For example, some people put crab to sleep in the freezer first then boil them straight away.
Some, directly stab the crab's gut and cut it open.

I don't think ban on export is the way to go since we all don't know the depth of this issue.

But deep down inside, I, TOO, want to see those cows being slaughtered in a peaceful death...


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