Swimming and Lighty-Lipgloss

One of my hobbies has turned my hair really2x DRY.. and I DONT LIKE IT!!!
I Red heartswimming so much especially it's summer time now... the cool water rushes down beside your neck and the entire body feels very refreshing!

But the damn chlorine damages your hair and your skiN!

Like me today, before I jumped into the pool I smelled like the divine-gorgeous-diva... surrounded by the fresh air of citrus fruits...
Like this (check below)

Btw, this is the first time I use this treatment. It smells like mayonnaise with vinegar mixed together... hahaha!!!

So..... HOPEFULLY, my hair is restored to its original form, structure and amazingness (is that a word or wat?) hahahaha :D

And.. the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- My sis just got home and told me 'where's that smell comin from? it stinkz'
And she was sniffing around till her doggy-sensitive-nose sniffin my hair .. and she pointed out that IT'S MY HAIR!!!!!!
Gosh I'll never buy that Placenta thing anymore!! Placenta better just stays as placentas in animals.. I'll never put another one on my hair..!!!
After that, my sis went dizzy and grabbed her hand lotion and sniffed it to balance the atmosphere in her nose .... T_T

Anyways, as always, I'm always up to find some weird looking cosmetic, I went to Priceline and found this really funny looking lip gloss by Manicare called Glamlips and the title is 'Cosmic Girl'.

Here is the pic:
Basically, it has small lamps inside the applicator.. so when u go clubbing u can apply in the darkest room ever and shine onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... like this ---
BAHAHHAA.. hope that doesn't scare anyone.
Trust me, that is one strong light from a lip gloss applicator.. pretty groovy ey? hahahahaha

Mind you, NEVER EVER wear this lip gloss in forests or jungles or watever, you don't want to get any attention from nearby animals just because of the 'Lighty-Lipgloss' XD.


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