Shopping ~~!!

Wat a tiring day !!
Today I woke up really early.. let's see... 8.30 AM !! haha
I should congratulate myself for waking up that early.

It turned out that my house's alarm went off OMG that scares me!
They said that somebody must've cut the cable of the siren (worst case scenario) or the siren is faulty.

After getting ready for almost 1 hour, yea i know it takes a while, I'm a girl! LOL
I went there and checked out the whole house (prior to that I was praying non-stop on the bus till I got there.. you know.. to make sure no one broke into the house! haha).

And, nothing went wrong.
No one broke into.. nothing... exactly.. that is a mystery.. NOTHING!!!!!

Anyway, I called them... and... they sent out a technician.
When I opened the door.. a really cute young technician.. which I learned his name later on which turned out to be Hussein.. (bahaha.. i know ... ) He's really cute.. too bad he's short *cry sob sob sob*.

aND.. finally, we knew what went wrong, the siren was faulty.
So *phew!!*

I think the house really needs its owner to take care of it, but I live in the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's like 40 mins away by bus! So inconvenient. T_T

Anyways, after checking out the house, did this, did that... I went back to the city and MISSED OUT THE BUS just when I stepped outside my house.

You know what.. it's so annoying when you live in the suburbs.
The bus only arrives once every 30 minutes!
So... I went back to my house and decided that i'll wait for the next one.
Since I know the next one will be fully AIR-CON!!!

Turns out.. I WAS WRONG.. GEES.... *Sobbing*
It was the NATURAL AIR-CON bus!!!!! OH MAN!!

Anyways, since I'm now going back to the city, I decided to go to Priceline, my favourite beauty parlour.

So, I got myself some Neutrogena care.
1. Makeup Remover Cleansing Towettes, 25 sheets!! AUD$7.99
I tried this straightaway after I got home.

Thinking "This might not be awesome, it's only a face wipe, oh.. it says it can remove waterproof mascara.. BULLSH*T"
Geeze, all my predictions all went wrong~~~~ This is really good. GOOD PRODUCT.
I mean, it removes all the dirt on my face, removes all my foundation which I applied earlier.
Removes all concealer and leaving my face really moist.
Since my face is really dry (Actually these past 3 days it's been really dry, I over applied this acne treatment from Dr's Secret for skin regeneration causing my skin to over-regenerate as in.. non-stop skin peel!!!!!!!)

So as you all know, that means my skin is really-really-really-dry!!
And, the moist from the wipe did my face all good, it doesn't break out my face. And my face absorbs it really well!
You can imagine a vacuum here. *slurrrrp* LOL
So I am very pleased!

I bought the Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub for the price of AUD$12.39I haven't tried this, but I'm going to try it out tonight.
It has pretty blue scrubs inside and the jelly is bluish in colour so it's really pretty.
It says "...sweeping away dead skin cells (which I have tonnes of!)"

Hopefully, it will peel off those annoying dead skin cells... T_T
Plus, you know about those obsession from peeling away your dead skin when you see them?
Well, I'm one of those people, I can't stop my hands from peeling my dry skin on my face!!
And it hurts!!!! *ouch*

Anyways, thanks for reading and I'll tell you the result from the foaming scrub rightaway!!!

14th of January 2009

After a lot of swimming (1 hour) and plenty of talking with my friend.
I went out to Priceline.. yes.. that beauty shop which has less beauty products than Sasa or Watsons.
What was I doing there?
The usual stuff, browsing through products that might help encounter my naughty skin and helping it to feel better.
So, I went there and spotted Olay Regenerist Night which had tons of good reviews from
Price: $29.95
Weird thing is that it's PURPLE. It might suggests it has additional coloring but since it's my fav colour, I'll just deal with it and pretend it's white instead. hahahaOpen-mouthed

It's 50 grams and it's 29.95$AUD. I hope it will work well on me!

This is the 2nd product that I bought, Rimmel Nailpolish. It caught my attention because of one thing!! It's cheap! hahahahahahahah

Price? only $5.95.!!!! I know it's not the cheapest, you can actually buy those ones that are $2.00 with weird brand names.

But as a drug store brand and I was persuaded enough by Kate Moss's image (she's the face of Rimmel) and so I decided to try it.

This color is called '238 Forest'. I've tried it on my index finger and I think it's quite pretty.

But I don't suggest anyone to go wearing it to work. Going to uni is okay, since I'm a uni student. hahahahaha

SO use your time well, MELLON!!!


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