Week 1: New School

                  写真の場所:  奈良 (Nara)

It's been a while since I update anything in here. For the last 2 years, blogger's been my pillow for everything that I've experienced.

Ever since I joined Taekwondo in USYD, the Arts classes in USYD, my uni life, my love life, now I have to set them in discreet.
Can't blab them all in detail, ritteeeee?

1. I have finished my exchange in Chiba University. YEAY!!!
2. I have moved to a new area called Ryogoku (両国)leaving all my beloved friends back there in 田舎 hahahaha.
3. I am going to a new school in Shibuya (渋谷), been said that it's a really strict Japanese language school from all the reviews and that's what makes it best. LOL *I'm the Queen of Lateness, this school will damage my reputation* LOL
4. I received an approval from a lecturer back in USYD for a change of subject. Now all I need is just to send all the documentations and ship them to University of Sydney. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for the credit transfer processes! It'll be problematic if things do not go well, massive headache!! よかった!!

By the way, I really miss my bicycle. I left it in Chiba University dormitory(千葉大学寮) and have not picked it up at all. I'm scared it'll go rusty.
I want the home service post to deliver the bike to Ryougoku (両国)so I can travel around, cruising, slightly looking right and left who knows there are some cute guys around hehehe *smirk*

Well, I hope my bike is doing alrite there... I will pick u up someday baby. LOL

So anyway, what happened today?As usual, MANIN DENSHA!! (満員電車)(jam packed train) especially when I transferred(乗り換え) in Yoyogi (代々木駅) on the Yamanote Line (山手線) to Shibuya (渋谷駅). It's more horrendous!!

Honestly, I think SOMEBODY FARTED!!! *grosssssssssssss*(大おなら!!!)
i FEEL so sorry for my lungs. They have to work extra hard to filter out the toxic gas.
Seriously, next time, I'll just eat red beans, cabbage and eggs the night before.. HAH!! See if you can beat that you anonymous farter. LOL

It was a rainy day and really annoying...60% precipitation, gosh, Japan is really wicked when it comes to weather. Most of the time it's accurate. And today is one of those days.
It's just rain non-stop!!! (一日中、雨が降ってっ!)
Sometimes I wish Australia can have this much rainfall because we need water so much.
Skip the weather topic! Then, I went straight to the school, registered and still unable to pick up my passport today.
I also did a placement test and they gave me the Basic 2 Elementary level and like 3 interviews in total to determine which class I belong to.

Finally... the result is.... i am in C1.
BAHAHAHAHA which means Chuukyuu 1 (Intermediate 1・中級1).
In this school Intermediate only has 2 levels. The higher one is called Intermediate 2 (C2) and the lower one is Intermediate 1 (C1).

Then, another interview(面接)!!!(ENDLESS, OMG)
But this time, I am quite lucky. The lady did not properly interview me, instead she was fascinated with this gorgeous boy(スペイン人) beside me LOL
I am used to this kind of treatment already, yeah... in Japan, I feel people judge you MORE based on your skin and face.

Using Indonesian here: boleh dibilang mereka memuja yang namanya orang bule.
But yeah, thank you (ありがとう)for judging me based on my appearance. Thank you for not conversing with me. Well, the guy has more experience anyway and his life story is very interesting unlike mine, DULL. hahahahha

Tomorrow, I have to arrive in school at least 20-30 mins early than usual to find out about the classes whereabouts.
That just means waking up at 6:00 AM.

I can't laze around and pull an allniter anymore, ey? Sucks. But at least my sleeping pattern will be back to normal and I really want to live a new, orderly life, better than before.

Most importantly, forget the bad memories I had in the past 6 months.
Surely I will always remember the good ones.

I am looking forward to a brand new day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you God, my saviour Jesus Christ for giving me a chance to stay in Japan for another year.
I can't thank You enough. (主様、ありがとう)



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