Week 3: The Game

Life's been pretty good lately, seriously.
I feel God has answered one of my prayers in life, at least for now :)

Even though there are many mishaps such as being ID-checked by Japanese policemen TWICE!! (at least that's how I think of it hahaha)
Killer teacher in school!!
Also, having a fugu attack and causing numbness.

I, with all my heart, am willing to accept humbly. I will not complain, brood, or curse myself or God.
OF course, He is the one who creates me.

I have to accept myself and same goes for everyone out there who doubts themselves.
You have to be strong!!!
You are not alone!!!

You know..............
I will slowly smile again.
I will slowly laugh again.
I will slowly regain my confidence.
I will improve and perpetuate the things that need to be carried on.
I will too, someday, love again.

Because God is love... in Him, I have hope and faith.
I believe like a little child, that everything happens for the best, in His time not ours.

So in the meanwhile,, embrace life and no regrets.


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