September Love

Long time no Post.

Many things happened!!!

What are they?

1. I failed my final exam but I re-did it last Monday and passed it. Now I am in ADVANCED JAPANESE CLASS and oh my God they're hard.

2. I went back to Sydney for 2 weeks SO's like BINGE-EATING non and as a result.....*see point #3*

3. I gained another 4 kilos.

4. My graduation will be held in Hong Kong with no friends except my family.

5. I found the love of my life... :D
This is him.

I have a lot of things to do for the future so, a good plan should be written and be done.

Oh btw, I just made a poem it's in indonesian and called "Rindu".

Here it is

Rindu padamu

Bagai teriris ujung pisau

Perih meresap

Ke dalam pembuluh darah

Rindu yang panjang

Seakan memalu hati

Meleleh rasa hati jiwa

Menggapai mencoba mencari


Begitu pilu

Sampai air mata

Dan kata hanya terbata

Because fugu-chyan (yes I gave him that nickname) always goes awaaaaaaaaaaaay on Shucchou (business trips) to here, there, everywhere.... I always miss him greatly.

That is when things go bad, my mind just starts eating my heart.

But I want to think positively from now on.

Apart from that, I am looking forward to my graduation in Hong Kong on the 26th of October WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


see you all..


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