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6月へよこそうっ!Part 1

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Okay, so I am back in Sydney since the 29th of May!! I have just been back from my 10 days trip in Jakarta.

I visited my family, met my old elementary school friends and they're either in a relationship, engaged or getting married this year. LOL

So in this post, I would like to say that I am very happy in Sydney except for the weather. In this 1.5 years that I've been away from Sydney, I only experienced summer once.

The season is Winter and I have winter-allergy! I always get sick during early winter and have been sick for almost a week.

This is a very excruciating pain, plus, I have just changed my internet provider! So without a week of Internet, and endless fever + flu + cough and no one to take care of me, I could tell you it is a painful week. ha ha ha ha

Anyway, maybe most of you are wondering "what is Sasa going to do now when she is in Sydney".

Simple. Job Hunting. LOL

But, before that, I'd like to list the things of what I did in Jakarta!!

  1. Culinary tour!! this includes Jakarta Food Festival, yummy pics!
  2. Sea World in Ancol, Jakarta.
  3. Malls hopping in Jakarta.
1. This above picture: me eating in Kafe Betawi. (Betawi Cafe)
They're called Lontong Sayur with Yellow Fried Chicken.
Drink is called Es Cendol.

2. This picture under is the seafood I ate with my family in Ahyatt Seafood Restaurant in Sahid Jaya Hotel in Jakarta.
Abalone, sea cucumber, shark fin soup, scallops. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm~~~

This picture below is Es Kopyor with Durian Ice cream.

Now next is Chicken Satay made not in posh restaurant but those sold on the streets! Literally, they had to fan the charcoal by hand with a FAN! I think the street ones taste better than the restaurants. But just becareful of your tummy.... if you're not ready for the street food, don't go for them.

Next picture is a Sundanese restaurant that I went to is called Bumbu Desa.
Literally means "Village's Spices". Not GOOD, disappointing service and the Sour Soup does not taste delicious. Even my sister said my Sour Soup is even better. LOL
But I think they have a pretty display for the food so you can choose whatever you want to eat.

Still, quite pretty and interesting. Sundanese food consists of the picture one the right like

  • yellow fried chicken
  • yellow fried tofu
  • fried tempe
  • sour soup or Sayur Asem
  • petai
  • Gurame Fish
  • Lots of chilli sauce (Sambel)
  • Rice
Next is: Soto Kikil, me and my family ate this in Serpong. The Restaurant is like in an open outdoor space.
I ate this along with the Es Kopyor.

This is not Indonesian food, more of AMERICAN? HAHAHA
But I used to drink A&W float rootbeer when I was in Elementary.

I miss this so much and so yummy!!!

This, my friend is the famous Kwetiauw Akang located in Pondok Indah Mall in Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta).

Kwetiauw is flat rice noodles.

This one is called "Kwetiauw Siram Seafood".

It means "Poured Flat-rice Noodle Seafood".

Why poured? Because it is not dry, it is in fact that the fried rice noodles is poured with yummy egg sauce. SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!! MOUTH WATERING and i am drooling.

Next picture:
This is called Mie Medan.

Or Medan Noodles.

Medan is a city located in Sumatra. I was brought to eat in this little restaurant in another location in Jakarta called Pluit, and they also have a little Chinatown there.

Anyway, I am not the type of person that can identify the ingredients inside food.

What I can do is like most people : eat and knows whether my stomach loves it or not. :D

And this is YUMMY if you ADD a lot of fresh raw chili in to it. LOL I don't know why, I don't know how, chili is like a big part of us Indonesians.

Now, the last picture of Part 1 is this food.
I ate this in Gandaria City Mall's food court called Eat n Eat. LOL

That goes by motto...... eat to live and live to eat ha ha ha ha

I forgot the name but it is a mixed rice from the Solo city of Indonesia.

Solo is located in the middle of Java Island.

I rarely eat Solo food so it was an experience!

Now, the next blog will be the Jakarta Food Festival.
A little prologue: Jakarta Food Festival is all the traditional Jakarta food that you can rarely find. So this event is once in a year held in Kelapa Gading at the La Piazza.

They have stalls and.. to be continued.. LOL



PS: God, I miss Japan.

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