Mellon in Jakarta UPDATE!

Hey girls and boys,

I have currently been working as an executive secretary in a Japanese company exactly 5 months and been in Indonesia for 6 months (roughly)!
My working hours is not that crazy, I wake up at 6.45 am and I finish work at 6.30 pm, Monday to Saturday but only half a day on Sats.

What I do in my company is not what most think about secretaries.
I don't put on make-up and do touch-ups every 15 minutes, maybe because I prefer brains over beauty. LOL
I assist 13 corporate officers including my president director, whether they are locals or expats mostly from senior managers, general managers, directors, commissioners and up to the President Director, liasing with our overseas counterparts, and I never discriminate. Always keep on low profile.

I do handle administrative works but I actually assist on the growth of our company.
For example, designing letters/envelopes/stationeries for the better good of the whole company, I do take care of their residencies (expats), banks, schools, invoices, payments, attending events and every day is never the same! I do translating, interpreting, speeches, helping the credit department/accounting/finance/general affairs/human resources departments and also suggesting ideas for the development of our directors.

It is a challenging job and it is not only about multitasking but also on how to utilize your common-sense.
There are many smart men/women out there, book smart, but not street-smart. I am usually a bit reckless but my hardwork pays off in their eyes ha ha ha ha ha I never take things for granted.
That is why, many people supply me a lot of food!!! yeayyyyyyyyyy

I do drive and for many of you who have been in Indonesia, you must have thought I am out of my wits.
Women drivers are rare.

But I have to survive.

I usually handle the job of the other 2 secretaries, not because they are incompetent, but they never think out side their own job-desc.
But, maybe it is because I don't have a job desc hahahahahahaha
My policy is NEVER COMPLAIN, but MAKE A SUGGESTION and PUSH! ha ha ha ha ha

I also sometimes play the role of an Office-boy, a messenger/courier. I do everything.

The key is to always enjoy what you are doing.
I do realise I am underpaid for the things that I do and from what I have contributed.
But I think God's plan is marvelous.

5 months on, I am struggling to find my successor, I have been promoted to a new division where we are starting to kick-off our Corporate department.

I mastered and got the general idea of the consumer department, now my immediate boss (shachou) finally released me from being his secretary. The General Manager lobbied him everyday so that he can let me work in his department haha ha ha h a ha

Maybe the best compliment from the President about me is not "you are good", but "what can I do without you, I will be in trouble, no one is good as you." He almost made me teary....

But I always think, there is always somebody out there who can replace me. It is only a matter of finding.
But I do doubt, whether that person can have the same mentality, remembering not one single soul has the same exact methods/thinkings/set of principles. Maybe she will do a better job than me.

Only a few days left, I need to speed up to catch up on my secretarial job. I need to make a hand-over manual for my successor, write a job desc which describes this role etc.

I am also being challenged to speed my understanding about the operation systems/software so that we can kick off our new division. I can't wait for this challenge.

The agenda is there, now I need to execute.

In the meanwhile, I do face a lot of struggles and hardships, but I found someone who makes me fluttery.
He is lovely and I love him, not for what skin he is in, but for his faith in Jesus and also his 'never-give-up' attitude and maturity which I envy. haha ha h ah aha

Okay, I am going back to my house and shop in Gancit Mall hahahahaha

Update u all laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



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