Caring Friends

Another post!

Today's topic, caring friends.

After that unwilful day on Wednesday which caused me to ignore many friends who surrounded me in TaeKwonDo, I finally realised who are my caring friends.

First: Aijin
Second: Jason
Third: that Malay-Indian guy.. huahhahahahahha his gestures are weird enough for me to laugh at him.

Well, there's this guy, a red-belt guy, he's from Beijing, china.
He's really-really nice!!
Basically, when I just received the news from Master, I wasn't very cheery.
He came over to me and asked "are you okay?"
And I only nodded.

Of course he noticed something went wrong.
Well he asked me again after training "are you okay?"
I nodded again without any words.

On that same night, I went to Takeru.. my favourite Japanese Resto located on Sussex St I think!! Good food, good service (7/10), suitable price.

Btw, when I was queueing, suddenly there's a call.
~Jason Tang Tkd Hp Calling ~
I was surprised.

Then he asked me "What happened to you? Im so worried about you"
I said "Well, nothing really happened"
He said 'Tell me, did anything happen?"
I said "How can I tell this to you.. ah.. I don't know.."
He said "Tell me, did a guy do something to you? Tell me his name and I'll punch him for you. Is it a guy?"
I said "No, it's not a guy"
He said "Then what happened? You are so unhappy today. Im scared you're going to kill yourself or suicide."
I said "Hhahahaha.. no no... im not going to kill myself over this.. Ok I'll tell you"
So..I told him what happened.
Then he said "Don't worry, you know, I can teach you about jump kicks, call me and we'll practice together."
As in, he's such a caring friend.
Other than the fact that he's always saying stuff like "Do you think I look cool? Do you think I'm awesome?"
He's like a little brother.. so pure and innocent..
I don't want to corrupt this guy.

His purity touched my heart, and cheered me up.
So thank you mr. Jason Tang.


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