New HairStyle!!!!!


Yes, I had a new haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you like it ladies and gentlemen?




I AM VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to admit I found the hair salon through a lot of vain for example I went through the Hot Pepper magazine, lurking around Shibuya, Kinshichou and Ryougoku.

Then, I figured that I should try searching in the Internet, I finally found it.
It is called

Watanabe Hair Salon
Address: Sun Beauty Harajuku B1
2-25-6 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-0001 Japan
Telephone: 03-3405-1188
Fax: 03-5411-5633

I went to their website and pulled out my courage to call their English-line and ended up talking in Japanese because well, I want to practice my Japanese. hehehe

Anyways, they asked "do you have any preference on who you want to get a haircut with?"
I said the Art Director which is famously called by the name of "Chie Funakura".

We have a splendid time chatting in this underground salon!
It was not that hard to find this salon if you follow the directions on the website.
But what I found most interesting is the entrance INTO the salon.

The entrance is decorated with the Salon's placard, and it was black slogan, entrance was dark and gloomy, it was awesomely mysterious. I mean it evokes my curiousity!!
After the entrance you will be greeted by a portrait of this lady (below).
Then you will descend the stairs and there you go through your usual regime in salons.
You leave your things with them and you will start on having one-on-one consultation time with your hairdresser.

I wanted to have this Fresh, New Life ! That was my THEME, so I believe she pictured this concept and I believe she executed everything splendid!
My Hairdresser can speak English well because she used to live in London before for 4 years and she has heaps of experience and it is easy to talk to her.
So you do not need to worry on communicating because I know how hard it is to get a real nice haircut according to your wishes and I think Chie-san understands this COMPLETELY.

The person who shampooed my hair is really nice too, Unfortunately I did not get to catch his name at all.
He had Indonesian friends before and loved Mie Goreng so we had a good fun talk as well.


Chie Funakura has MADE my DAY better for ever and ever :D

Oh, by the way do you know that when I stepped outside and crossed the Harajuku St back to Takeshita Street, I got approached by a woman who asked for my hair.
She clearly identified that 'oH You just got a new haircut, it looks really nice. and bla bla bla"

I wrote bla bla bla because after that I do not understand one thing she said! hahaha
So I will just take it as a praise. :D

I paid a good amount but I think it's worth it.
This is my 2nd time going to a hairsalon in Japan and trust me, I will keep on going back to this Salon as long as I am in Japan, no matter if I live in Okinawa hehe Just kidding.

Alright, This is just an update on my looks!!! Everybody was amazed even Fuguchan said "You look prettier and different".

Yeah I took it as him saying that he got a new girl (but actually same girl just different hairstyle) hehehehehehehehehe

Thank you Watanabe Hair Salon and Chie!

PS: if you want to go there, please make an appointment so that you can have an enjoyable time chatting with your hair dresser. :)


Sophia said…
looking good!!!!
refreshing and young!!!
MeLLonHeAd said…
Thank you Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hehe love this hairstyle so much.

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