Nissin Commercial Video

Hybrid Ramen
From Nissin Foods
called "FutoMen Dodo"
It's funny how they play on the words "futo (fat) men (noodle)" then the men in the CM are all chubby men. It's just awesome and creative. Watch now! hehehe

I stumbled across this CM from a website and it is hilarious and succeeded in me wanting to buy and eat it!
I wonder if Miracle Food store has this in stock or not. LOL

I want to try this cup ramen badly!

Oh why is it called Hybrid Ramen?
Well in the CM it is written "fried X non-fried noodle" combined together.
Now I wonder what that tastes like. lol

Btw, this cup ramen seems to be around for almost more than a year but I do not eat cup noodles that much anymore like I used to.

Now I stick to boiled noodles like Mie Goreng, Jajangmyeon (black noodle), Mama Tom YUm noodle, and of course Nissin Udon (that I make myself combine with tamanegi + wasabi + udon tsuyu).



Japan Australia said…
Very creative and really enjoyed it :)

Japan Australia

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