Failure... words that many people HATE...

Who loves to fail all the time?


What is the meaning of failure? I have 2 answers for it.

a. 1st meaning: It is bitter and it is sweet.

b. 2nd meaning: success is 99% FAILURE.

No matter what, failure is an indication that we need to take another pathway.

Don't sulk and look to the past.

But move forward.

This is what I think... if you never fail, you'll never know when you succeed.

Moreover, failure teaches you to persevere, it teaches you to be strong (shapes your character).

And it produces hope that when you try again and again, you can always hope that it may work.

So.. FAILURE is a stepping stone to SUCCESS.

Success to everything... to life, to career, to love.

God doesn't teach us to be a crybaby.

He teaches us to be mature in a way that we can stand up while relying on Him.

God gives us 'tests' in life to measure how far we are right now and then we introspect and fix what needs to be fixed.

Who ever said that 'If there is God, why does He let these things happen?" is a bunch of people who never pick themselves up after failure.

Just take a look at successful businessmen or Abraham Lincoln.

Imagine if they succumb to failures and never tried to stand up, will they be the way they are right now?

I don't think so.

One more thing: Relying on our own strength is a bit too much to bear, but when you have a 'Life Generator = God', life feels a bit lighter coz you know whenever you try so hard at something, SOMEONE will write in a book and return 10xfolds to you, as long as you do in kindness to everyone and in Jesus.



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