Week 4 Beginning

Oh don't you love that picture???
It's Sirloin Steak with Portuguese Sauce, ate it in MeatWineNco in Darling Harbour.
I love food so much I can't resist to post a photo here.

By the way, I went to a BBQ party last Saturday held by my good friend who is going to Keio Daigaku.
He's leaving at the end of August while I'm leaving at the end of September coz his course starts sooner than mine!

I can't believe I arrived late!!
I waited at the bus stop almost for an hour, and along with the trip to his house, it totalled to 2 hours...
His house is so far, but I can't imagine how he gets to uni like that everyday!!!
He's a man of dedication I tell you! hahahaha

And, during the party thing, when I arrived, 10 mins later, people left.
I didn't get to know all of them which sucked coz I spotted a handsome Aussie boy. HAHAHHAHAA
i THInk he's taken.. oh well.. haha

But I get to feed this cute boy... haha.. his name is Benny.. and no.. Benny is not a human.. it's a DOG. hahaha
He'd just stare at you with his puppy eyes begging for food.. *awwww* so cute kawaiiiiiii.....

And apart from Benny, I got to meet lotsa Nihonjin otoko no hito to onna no hito.
They're very nice to everyone.

So this new week, I already have so many plans to do. Especially starting on Monday!!! OMG.!!
Everything must be done in perfect plan.

I hope God helps me with all the preparation to Japan.
I just hope, really hope that everything with my Certificate, my flight booking will go smoothly.

I sincerely pray that you guys out there pray for me too.

I am waiting for my friend from Italy and Vietnam to come visit me.

They left me long enough haha.....

You know, in this life, there are many things that drag you down so you must strive to be strong.

People come and go, friends stab you therefore they also do come and go, lovers may cheat on you, people die too, but one thing you gotta remember, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

Because I believe I have known the truth.. God LIVES and always stands by you. :D :D :D :D

------- More news------

Today, as I was shopping and eating out in Myers in the city, my friend called me.
I forgot that I promised him about shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, why am I such an airhead!!!!

I promised him to go swimming as well....!!
I will definitely keep my promise on this one. hahaha


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