Week 10: Hell Week

Well.. well.. what can I say, week 10!!
A lot of things happened last week but I have no time for a long story so just to make it short, I am going to conclude that I am in the middle of my exam week.

It only goes for 3 days, today tomorrow and next Monday.
I thought today is reading a composition and then read it aloud in front of the teacher, but in fact it's a READING TEST as in.. read a composition, how stupid can I be?? MUAHAHA

Seriously, morning classes cause me brain dead.

Anyway, I used up the whole 50 minutes that the teacher gave us to fully answer all the questions AND.. to be honest, I am not confident at all.

But you know what, life must go on and currently I am going to study for my next exam which is tomorrow mostly on vocabs, grammar and Kanji.
The 1st hour consists of the choukai (listening).
Oh God, I suck @ this. LOL

Please pray for me. hehehehe



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