Week 10: The After Exam


Finally, the heaviest stress-load from my brain is GONE!!!!!
Not entirely but ALMOST!

Well, let's not talk about exam because my head is like scrambled eggs and I don't want it to go even mushier.

After I went back from school, I met my ex-housemate who is crashing in our house tonight and glad to have him back! He bought Marimo youkan from Hokkaido and it is SO-SWEET!

Because I was STURRRRVIIINGGG (read: starving), I went to Uzuki, the Ramen-shop behind my house where I often talk with the ten-ins there!

Funny thing is I called the waiter as Ten-Chou which means (Shop Owner) when in fact the shop owner is this old guy who is working in the kitchen. LOL
I was so embarassed.

The Ten-in who he proclaimed himself as "Nii-san", asked me Qs and as he shot all those bullet questions.. AND... I played along. LOL

He said "So you can speak and read English, Japanese and Chinese?"
I said.."no not chinese, but Indonesian."

And he said "wow, Indoneshia-go mo, atama ga ii yo ne"
Which means "wow.. Indonesian language too, you're clever arent you"

WHICH I HAVE TO DENY, that is just the way it is in Japan.

So anyways, I got to know the ten-chou (yes, the real one) and his crew (all guys).
For the first time I also got the stamp card, I never knew there is a stamp card and it's good cause I go to Uzuki once per month or twice per month depending on my mood.

Neway, I really love Ryougoku even though it is a very quiet area, unlike Kinshicho or Akihabara...
People are friendly and feels like family.

I also applied to become a free-lance blogger in Oakhouse, sent them e-mail and introduced myself to them but I have not had any reply yet!
May Jesus Christ my Father, my groom, my All- works His ways in my life.

All I can do right now is just make efforts, I can only lay my faith and hope in Him.
And may whatever plans He has in me be completed.

Okay, I think I need to get ready for the Persekutuan Doa tonight in NakaMeguro.
WOOHOO... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Thanks God It's Friday!



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