Tsukiji Party

On the Wednesday of 勤労感謝の日(Labor Thanksgiving Day) which is the 23rd of November, I went out with my Church friends to Tsukiji. Since it is a public holiday, we decided to go to Sushizanmai!
(LEFT): In front of me: Stella --> her friend, Scan, Mac.
(Right): Me, Victor, Aji, Franky.

Sushizanmai is A Sushi-chained-restaurant, and pretty well-known here in Tokyo. They have 3 restaurants in Tsukiji and I went to the Honten (the mother resto).

I succeeded in persuading the 3 people on my table to eat ABURITORO, SHAKO and AKAGAI.

How to get to Tsukiji:
-By Hibiya Sen (subway): Get off at H10 (Tsukiji Station/ Tsukiji Eki), take Exit 1 and walk pass Hongan-Ji (the European Temple looking building) and cross the Big Intersection.
(U only need to walk straight no right or left turns/crossings) and you will directly see the big placard SUSHIZANMAI.

- By Oedo Sen (subway): Get off at TsukijiShijo Station and follow directions. l

Since it is located in the outer market of Tsukiji Fish Market, you can also look around after eating your meal with a tummy full of fish hehehehe

I feel so happy that they took me out.
I felt so entertained and feel so burden-free! They all missed me so much since most of them haven't seen me for 3 weeks!!
And especially it is MAGURO(tuna)-EATING-TIME. LOL

I thought it will be an -all Indonesian lunch gathering but instead, my friend brought her Japanese friend who is her classmate!

I ended up paying 2400 Yen per person and we had 4 people.
Me, Stella, Asuza and Victor. hahahaha

I think Vic always has this "I am ready" pose everytime I try to take picture LOL. What an awesome poser :P

I think the picture below is hilarious!!!
You know that if you take the Oedo Sen (Subway), their exit @ the RYOGOKU Station will present you with this FREE Sumo booth to take pics with your friends!

Just like what I DID! hahahahahaha
We are all kinda fit to be sumo wrestlers hahahaha
They all wanted to come into my house but I think Oakhouse will break loose, trying to with held our weight. LOL

They wanted me to go with them to Asakusa to sing @ Karaoke and just walk about along the Sumida-river, but I didn't go. I studied instead.

It was refreshing after many things happened.
I know things will never go back the way it used to be.....................
But hey, regret always comes last.

Just focus on the future you know. LOL


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