KanChan's Birthday!


So today's my housemate's birthday! We celebrated her 23rd in a really marine-life-look alike restaurant! The entire atmosphere is comfortable enough and the lights are dimmed to create the under the sea effect!

This is inside the room and behind it is an aquarium.

We had nomihoudai which is "all you can drink" + food enough for 5 persons.

For 2 hours we paid 3500 Yen and really loved it!

We all had fun taking turns to ask Kan-chan a question about herself!
And, it was great finding out more info from her.LOL

This restaurant is located in Yurakuchou, so basically you have to ride the train on Yamanote-Line.

The address, hmm... I will give you the details if you post me a message requesting for the details.

I am not really fond of dark rooms but I think it is quite romantic just to eat casually on a Friday night.

On the right here is Yaya, Me and Choi-san (from Korea).

With 3500 yen with your friends surrounding you, I don't think anyone will sulk on their birthday!

You made wishes, move on, and suddenly you're one year older.

Life passes you in a blink of an eye.
But life would be a waste without having fun and enjoying what life has to offer you.

This is Yurakuchou at night, Yurakuchou is in Tokyo! Just after Tokyo Station and next to Ginza!!!
Really pretty huh?!!!!!!


And lastly, A picture of me, wearing make-up.
Foundation liquid: Shu Uemura Liquid Foundation Architect
Powder: Revlon
Eyes: all Maquillage Bright Contrast Eyes
Lips: Revlon

Have Fun Reading people!



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