Halloween Day

After almost 3.5 weeks not seeing Mr.Fugu cos he was on a business trip to Mie, we finally met up!

Yes yes, alot of arguing but also a lot of memories that need to be cherished were made!
I can assure you that! (FROM THE ARGUMENTS we had).

Me and Fugu are total complete Definite Opposites in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
But hey, that what makes life interesting isn't it.
If not, it will be boring. :D

Neways, he came 2 days before Halloween and it is so thoughtful of him to celebrate Halloween by buying me cute candles.

And not only that, he bought me a Studying Charm from the famous Ise Shrine which is located in Mie-ken Prefecture to dedicate Japan's Goddess called Amaterasu.

And he also bought me jelly Halloween stickers and stick them all over in my room. I KINDA feel my room is a bit spooky now hahahahaha
But anyways, I love them, even though I was kind of wishing more.
He did not even give me a specific present for my graduation. LOL

Nevertheless, I should be grateful enough.

More updates from me later on. Just hold on


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