Ueno Ueno Ueno...ScHoOoOoOOoOOLLL.

Oink.... Oink.....


That, ladies and gentlemen, is a very smart gorilla! HE KNOWS how cold it is and decides to wear a stylish yellow hoodie for himself LOL.

Now, if you all know it's winter and still not covering up like my friend here, you know who's smarter by now. HE HE HE HE

Cut the story short, I went to Ueno Zoo on the Sunday of the... 2nd! So it is almost 2 weeks ago and please forgive me I have not been updating due to various reasons.

I had to say it was one of the best days in my life....
Not because I was led around by fugu-chan but it was because I had the opportunity to eat in Ocha-ya (Tea houses) like in the olden days.

Anyways, let's start with Ueno Zoo.
This zoo opens at 9:30 am- 5 pm (Ticket office closes at 4 pm) and viewing for some animals ends at 4.30 pm so if you are like me and Fugu, you have to pull the English map suitable for quick reading before the time runs out. LOL

The admission ticket for adults: 600 Yen and defers according to your age group.
But if you're 0-12 years old: FREE!
Pensioners/seniors and Students are of course half of the adults price but you have to show identification or if you are students (13-15) living in Tokyo or attending schools in Tokyo.

As always, many amusement parks/theme parks whatever you want to call them closes on Mondays or if the Monday is a public holiday, then the Tuesday usually closes e.g. Dec 29-Jan 1

Come on the Zoo's anniversary = March 20.
Greenery Day = May 4
Tokyo's Citizens Day= October 1

You can rent stroller for 300 Y and coin lockers depending on the size 100-300 Yen.

Inside the zoo there is also a monorail for 150 y (13 yrs and above) while Children (2-12)= 8- yen from the East Garden to the West Garden. You only need to queue for a bit.

Anyway, enough with the infos, enjoy the pics!
Ms. Elephant, strolling inside the pen ........... where is your herd?
Family of Nihon Zaru (Japanese monkeys), how cute! They like to soak themselves in warm water pools, this one is like a family. LOL Well, I pointed to Fugu that the fattest one looks like him.. and well, he pointed to the other one near the baby that yea... you know.... me. -_-

Penguins! Penguins from Madagascar, SAVE YOUR SIS n BROS in JAPAN!

Wow, kangaroos. I just have to take pics of Kangaroos, no comment/remark needed, I miss Australia that instant.
Pretty pink Flamingos.... dance dance little pinkies..... dance my beloveds..... before the redness of the sunset sucks you in...

It was a pretty fun date! We actually manage to cover the entire area by visiting one pen/site for like less than 30 seconds or even under 2 minutes, if not, we probably could not catch up!

But my favorite animal has to be this guy.....
Galapagos turtle. Simple reason, I owned 2 turtles back in Jakarta: CK and DKNY hahahaha

Now, around Ueno, there is a lot to see. There is actually this eerie swamp and a temple.
Now, we spotted a tea house and I have never been to a tea house that serves proper tea.
I went to one similar in Nara when I was with my mom but no, it was different.

Fugu and me decided to take the seat outside where we could face the swamp and here is the view from our seat which is on the balcony.
Sigh.... if this is in Indonesia, it would probably stink and full of garbage but of course not in Japan.

It was a serene environment and there was no one else drinking outside (COZ IT WAS COLD!) but it was so romantic, drinking tea and eating youkan (sweet red bean made into jelly but not jelly).

Now, this is what I ordered:
Basic Maccha (Green Tea- no sugar) with 2 blocks of Youkan.
Fugu said this is the purest form of Maccha, very traditional, the best and the most bitter.
That is why you have to eat with Youkan to balance. AND... as usual there is always a history to it.

Long long time ago, travellers who are on long journeys often stops at tea houses to quench their thirst. They are usually thirsty and hungry.
By drinking Maccha, they are not as easily thirsty and by combining with youkan, they gain energy and last longer. This is why, Maccha and Youkan with the combination of their tastes create this unification that has a name to it.. damn it.. I forgot. *Warabi?

Now, Fugu ordered this one, it is not as bitter! And, he finally took over my Maccha and gave me his LOL
He was laughing hysterically when he saw my expression because the Maccha was so so so so so bitter.....
Yea, this set is really pretty too LOL
I like the porcelain cups, the youkan, the plate, the stick.

And late into the night, we walked around AMEYOKO.
Ameyoko is this street food located just outside UENO, if you love Ueno and been to Japan- especially Tokyo, I am sure you have been to AMEYOKO.

They have this underground market for imported food- South East Asian Food etc, you just got to walk around and explore.

We met the handsome Yaya there and ate Xiao Long Bao from this Chinese food stall.

Really.... I am sorry, but, i am a Chinese descendant but no matter where I go I found my race often disobeying basic manners.

No matter where I live, which country I put my steps on, I always think that smoking and throwing out cigarette everywhere especially in front of children is a big NO-NO.
Not only just Chinese, many Japanese do the same and it really pisses me off.
I am just mad.

Apart from that, another Chinese lady (how do I know they're Chinese?) Well, I've studied Chinese and she just cut through the line and I could see how the Chinese guy in front of me was being cut too... well he threw the cigarette on the ground and I could see how pissed off HE WAS, well felt better afterwards. oh.. meanie me.... LOLLLLLL

When I looked at the Tenchou, I think he was kind of embarrassed by his own countrymen because he kept on looking at us with a sorry-face. But oh well..... because we know, we understand. LOL

So yeah, I had a really great time on that day...............................
Something happened that day and looking back... now I really had no regrets...

If things had to happen for the best, I sure learned it the hard way.

But all I said is "Do not disappoint me".
If things go bad, I know that I had done my best.

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will write another blog based on my new week, new course.

God bless you


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