Fattening up week!


HOLY MOLY, I have not updated for almost a week, I usually update every 6 days or 5 days, not that much difference but still .... ha ha ha

This time, the blog is full of food because my closest 3 people in my life invited me to lots of food tastings, restaurant hops in Sydney.
2 of them had their birthday in this 4 days, and the previous days were spent in either Korean restaurant or Japanese restaurant.

Okay, in this blog I am going to write several topics and will be PICS HEAVY!
Why? Here goes the contents

1. Farewell lunch for Spongegirl
2. Bestie's Bday 1st celebration
3. Bestie's 2nd Bday celebration
4. Mom's Bday

Let's go to #1


Who is spongegirl? She's a friend I met back in TAFE 3 years ago when I studied Japanese, she is damn hilarious, talks her mind and blurts out like no tomorrow but with witty humour.

She's going back for good to her home country even though I also thought Australia is her home country.

We went to a Korean Restaurant near my house and apparently very famous for their ox tongue. But we didn't order that at all because we all wanted to eat Nabe with Makkeli.

So here is our photo, I may not be able to see her again, I don't know, I am so sad. I thought that when I am here, we won't go off all over the world anymore hahaha

Everyone has their own life.
Here she is.... she can eat alot and still slim, like many Japanese girls, I don't know how LOL

Then, what is Makkeli?

Makkeli, is a korean word for Rice Wine, hahhh.. not many people knew that right? hehe
Usually it is 6% alcohol, so my friends said it's pretty safe for me, they all know I can't drink hehe
See? You have to shake the bottle well so the rice mixes up well with the drink.
So, if anybody wants to go to this restaurant, go ahead since I am going to put the details here.

My recommendation is their ox tongue, their jab chae, BBQ to be honest, they are all good. Must be one of my favorite korean restaurants in Sydney.

The location is quite hidden in an alley but many people are well informed of this restaurant, you wouldn't get lost whatsoever! so I will just give you the details.

Madang Korean Restaurant
371A Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 7010
Mon to Sun 11:30am - Midnight

2. Bestie's 1st Bday Celebration

Now now, this birthday celebration is supposed to be a 3 DAYS celebration, gosh.. LOL
Costs me alot T_T money, i need money... 実はお金が大必要だ 笑!
So it was her birthday on the 5th of August!

I arranged a birthday dinner for me, her and my sister at this German Restaurant.
This restaurant is very famous too! They have real German band, authentic German antiques decorated on the walls, feels like you're in Germany! hahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa *TOAST*

And of course the German beer.
Let the photos do the talking.

The name of the restaurant is Lowenbrau.
We ordered 3 beers, I ordered lemon beer (the smallest since I can't drink much and I ended up drinking only half, mango beer (VERY FAMOUS!!!!!!) and my sister ordered the usual beer. LOL
Yea, I was mesmerised by all the beers, i swear i fall dead if i drink that many.

For the main meals we ordered jagerschnitzel , pig knuckle and pork something... They're all pork pork pork, my fav food. LOL
Pig's knuckle.

This is the one that I ate
small but to be honest, fits my stomach perfectly.

This is my friend's order. I don't know how to say it, you have to go to their website and check it out and the name is so long...
It looks delicious, she finished it all off and since she's the birthday girl, she got any main meal under $35 for FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky girl. Cos me n my sis had to pay LOL

But anyways, I arranged a secret surprise for her. I told the waitress to bring over someone from the band to play her a happy birthday song.


She was so shocked, death by embarrassment, and the good thing is I taped everything on video hahaha *evil mellon*

This is the trumpet player, he was literally like 20 cm away from her face LOL
The guys next to our table were even cheering and singing happy birthday for her hahaha I hope this will be an unforgettable birthday for her... :D

I guess she was so happy that she decided to give me a kiss..

Let me give you the info on this famous German Restaurant, it is located in the Rocks Sydney, so you can see the Sydney harbour bridge and just opposite to Guylian Chocolate Cafe. LOL
Awesome ey?

Book from website (they can confirm with you via email or phone) or call *if 2 days before booking*.

3. Bestie's 2nd Day birthday celebration

Okay, same person different restaurant LOL
She invited me again to have dinner with the girls, not-so private function located in front of Darling Harbour, Sydney.

I feel really happy that this time Darling Harbour put on fireworks for her, sounds like a great b'day huh. hahahaha

This time we ate at I'm Angus steak restaurant. I was going to eat the cheapest menu there but turns out is the biggest, yeah I know, I kind of suck LOL

I ate half-rack pork rib. LOL all my friends were laughing at me the way I ate, but seriously can you eat half-rack pork ribs with pretty manner? With knife and fork without wearing a bip?

I won't upload a pic of that but I will upload this picture of her birthday cake, AWESOME!
She got the cake as a present, how wonderful !! haha
The restaurant sliced the cakes with additional ice cream for us and FREE.. Awesome ey?

Now the details

I'm Angus Steak House
The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf
Sydney NSW 2000

T: 1300 989 989

4. Last one!!!!!!!!!!!!

This restaurant is called Encasa. Spanish Restaurant and for the last 12 years since I moved to the city, I have never stepped my foot even once in this beautiful mouth smouldering restaurant.

It's just that, it is always crowded, the line is long and kinda made you lost your appetite.
But this time since it's my mom's bday, I booked it in early and we even came 1 hour early from the booking time.

Here goes the pics
Fried potatoes with mayonnaise and a bit sour tomato chili sauce but OMG, everybody orders this dish. I saw that every table has this dish LOL Damn I don't know the name of this one, I was chugging down my sangria and went tipsy ha h aha

We also ordered Spanish spaghetti (or pene if you want), This one is called primavera.

This is one of the 4 tapas (small dishes) that we ordered.
Bread with very salty fish soaked in olive oil but OMG so delicious.

We also had pizza called Mediterraneo !
Classic plating, with 3 olives, perfect, belissimo (no isn't that Italian? hahaha)

I also took a picture of the decoration.
It is as if you're in a tunnel, totally authentic, even the table cloth feels like you're eating in one of those small-medium restaurant in Europe, a bit dodgy from the outside but feels totally warm and fuzzy in the inside !!

Now, more food pictures.. hahaha Another tapas! Bread with salami, yummmmmm
So delicious, the salami is not too salty it is just perfect and delicious.

Me eating salami. LOL
Yum yum yum yum yum......................................................
And we safely got back home, me a bit tipsy and mom cutting her birthday ice cream cake from Baskin n Robins, Haagen Dazs preferred but no cake from them LOL

Happy birthday mommy!!

Oh, how do people celebrate birthdays in Japan? Do people eat noodle as a sign of long life?

Sorry my blog is just full of food pictures, maybe unnecessary for many people but it's for fun reading he he he

Now if anyone can guess, WHAT IS THIS LAST PICTURE?

Have fun reading !!!!!!!!



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