And, LIFE of course.

On the 12th of November, Sydney held a massive Korean Pop music festival at ANZ Stadium (a formerly used stadium for Sydney Olympic 2000) to commemorate our 50th year of diplomatic relations with South Korea. ha ha ha ha

There were 11 bands in total, like Shinee, CNBLUE, Mblaq, Girls Generation, DBSK, Miss A, Sistar, 4 minute, 2 AM, Kara and Beast. ho ho ho I still remember them all!

I am not fond of KPop except for Bi (Rain) because he is just uber cute with hot bod, hot ass and cute smile!
And seriously, many of these new upcoming young artists are just too skinny to my liking except for this one hunk who dances in the group called MBLAQ that is produced under the direct supervision of Bi. he he he
Anyway, this photo shows where I sit from the stage... sigh... too far!
Next time I will bring binoculars and, it was scorching hot! LOL
This seating area already costs me like more than 100$!!

The VIP ones cost like 200++.. sigh, maybe it's worth it for a 3 hours show. he he he
Everyone on our row did not even stand up, we were just basically listening to the awesome music from our seats but my mate was super hyped she literally screamed at every band. LOL

I just had to laugh at her sight, her eyes sparkling with stars ha ha ha ha
But it was a fun night because I got to see my friend from Canberra, my next door neighbour when I used to go to Chiba Dai. ha ha ha

Anyway, I miss this festival because it feels so energetic.
Don't you think KPOP songs are much better than hip hop to dance in clubs? he he he

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Japan Australia said…
I heard about this K POP festival on SBS. Would have been a great event and Love K POP which is dominating the Japanese charts at the moment with Girls Generation and Kara leading the way.

Japan Australia

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