13 kilos Up.

I just weighed myself today. T_T
I really2x want to cry.. hahahahaha
I gained 13 kilos from last year!!!

Who should I share my weight with!?? hahaha
When I was back in JKT, i lost 3 kgs due to diarrhea and now Im back in Sydney.. cooking everyday for my sister who's working non-stop. I start gaining again!

To be frank, it is no surprise because I need to taste various food for breakfast, lunch, dinner. hahaha

Most of them.. ehem.. fatty foods. hahaha But not like junk-food!!

Like yesterday, I cooked tripes Soup. Last night I cooked Meatball Soup. A few days ago, I cooked white cabbage. Few days before, Fried-Callamari Rings which turned out to be so awesome. hahahaha

I also cooked some fried chicken.. the Indonesian Yellow Fried Chicken of course. HO HO HO.

Probably I'll be a really good cook !! hahahahahahahahahahaha


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