Friday, February 1, 2008



Finally Im starting a blog, looks good looks good, took me almost 1 hour to figure out how can I put my photo on the header. hahahahaah

It turns out awesome.. hahahahaha

Hopefully no one got fooled, cos the real me.. is.. hmm.. ehem ehem.. hahahahahahahahaha

Well well, what shud i make use of this blog since no one is going to read them.

Let's start with today then, the 1st of FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!




From TAFE, I went straight to TKD for my sparring class.

As usual, i was late for 20 mins. I find it amusing since my Master never complains .. well he did ONCE.. but it was because he saw me 30 minutes earlier before class started then I came 30 minutes later. hahahaha

That was the only time he complained to me.

Since this is my last year, I have made up my mind to do everything i to the point of having no regrets.

Why? Because after this year, I may never come back to TKD again, who knows where God may take me.

One thing I must do in Taekwondo before I left, is to wash those freakin stinky hand and knee guards.. OMG..



I think they never wash it!! U wanna know how I know?

1stly. We have sparring once a week on friday, we all use shin and arm guards.

2ndly. The Friday of the following week, the arms and the shin guards are stinky and wet from sweat (from last week!!!)

i almost vomit today! seriously...

If i have to describe it using words it may sound like this : "eeuww, yuck, disgusting, the colour is brown instead of white, probably it's in-grown atomic mushrooms, wet, icky yucky, peeeuwwwww...." even pepe le peuw wont smell that bad. hahahaha

SO, i will ask my master if i can wash all the shin and arm guards, by this means I have to take it home and wash it.

2ndly, I feel sad because I am not doing anymore Japanese this year. This semester alone, I will be doing my management subjects, to finish them off. When I had an appointment with Yasumoto Sensei この休み、, she even advertised her subject to me so that I can do it!!!

But i said to her, "先生、今年は日本語ができません。来年は日本に行くつもりです。Plus, I dont have enough credit points for next year if I do it this year."

Then she said "ざんねんですね。”


thirdly, one of my korean friends is leaving after this semester. i cannot see her in Jap class since im not doing any of her subjects. When I was writing email for her, I got teary...She was like one of the only friends i talk in uni... 本当に寂しい。。。

btw, I have a restaurant review to post here.

Restaurant: Arisun, Dixon ST, Chinatown [Korean Food]

Ordered: Fried Chicken ($30), Seafood Salad marinated with Chilli Sauce (22), Rice.

Total Price: $56.

Rating for Chicken: 9/10.

Rating for Salad: 7.5/10.

Restaurant is famous for: its fried chicken and its black bean noodles. TOO BAD i didnt eat the noodles.

Below is a variety of black bean noodles. There's this awesome Black Noodle instant noodle. I forgot the brand. I'll post it later. hehehehe

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