Week 8: Beginning

(This pic here of a woman! This is what I think of a woman: nice bust, nice skin, and not afraid to show it off- as long as she doesn't sell her body!)

Oh my Gosh, it's been 3 weeks of non-blogging.
Obviously, I was stressing out, freaking out, chasing out my academic adviser to approve my credit points (such a waste of energy coz I ended up not submitting the credit points) haha

So, I'm just going to update you on my life. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START.
  1. On my student exchange to Japan:

-After gruelling, intense brain-quenchers of over worrying and stressing out (which caused my hair loss) , I have finally received the certificate!!! This small tiny 1 mm thick not even 1 mm.. probably 0.5 mm paper made me an insomniac in just a few weeks. DAMN. But I received it and REJOICED!! HALELUJAH JESUS. :P

2. On my preparation to Japan

-Currently, just exchanging the currencies from AUD$ to YEN, but damn, Yen is stronger, at one point it was 73 yen.

SUX but today it is better 78 Yen. LOL So, we exchanged it straightaway. It used to be like 94 yen for 1 AUD dollar... so if we exchanged 1000 dollars AUD, we could've gotten 94 000 yen. But now.. oh well.. just make do with it. hehe

Then I also got a new notebook, thanks Mom LOL It's not that light, 2.7 kg, 3 cellS battery oh sucks. But, I prefer my eyes not to go blind thank you! It's Sony Vaio NW15 yeahh.. got a free upgrade to 4gb RAM and a free bag.

3. On farewells

-I only had one farewell up to this moment from my TAFE, we ate in Wagaya. har - har -har

I said in the class that 'we are going to Wagaya' cos the group that I am in known as the Baka-Gumi (a.k.a. Stupid Group), have not been to Wagaya Restaurant before.

Then they said 'Oh, I have not been there, I've always wanted to go there but we have to book'.

And I calmly said 'Not to worry, I have booked the restaurant'. And they are all ecstatic!

Little did they know that I have many restaurant numbers in my handphone from top-notch to down little resto har-har-har. LOL

Address: 1/78 Harbour St Haymarket NSW 2000

Booking via SMS: +61 416 200 223 / Booking via phone: + 61 (2) 9212 6068.

4. On Animania Festival 2009- Sydney 5th September 2009

So on the 5th of September, I went to an Anime annual event.

I met my childhood idol (Sailormoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (pic above)

I went there with my friend whom I won't be mentioning his name. (pic above) lol But I will only upload his pics. LOL
Oh I wore that Cat headband thing, it cost like $25.00 but compare to others without ribbons and stuff, it kinda worth it. Still.. expensive.

Me and him were supporting our friend who participates in this festival every year!

(pic above) She's so talented, she did all the sewing, designing all by herself!! She's gorgeous too! As in, pretty cute HO HO HO

We queued for 1 hour on a sunny day, no shade NOTHING!! BOOOORINGGGG....... LOL

Inside, it was not as big as I thought since I thought the queue was long, surely this place is like.. heaps cool.

Well, it was COOL, but I wished for more vendors. I bought 3 badges for the price of $5.00, cute! I got one that has 'OTAKU BABE' on it. hahaha And I pinned it on my bag. LOL

There were sections divided in the area such as Karaoke, Main Stage, Video Games, Stalls, Games etc.

But one that caught my eye in particular is the Karaoke room. I thought I was bad enough, BUT apparently, there are many people out there who are far worse than me. LOL

I said to my friend 'When I want entertainment, I come here'. hahaha and we just laughed it off.

You know, not to be mean, but, it is there for ENTERTAINMENT.

I am sure they had fun too laughing as well cos they did laugh at themselves hahahaha.

The entry ticket price is $35.00 I mean it's ridiculous, I mean for that price at least we should get a free bottle of water. Y'know or like free coupon for an exchange of one tiny keyring of Animania 2009. SO STINGY!

But anyway, I had fun !

Even though I didn't get to stay at the very end cos I had to chase up my teacher and return his skateboard!!!!

So, enough about what happened during the weekend and I apologize for all the late entries, I don't even know who is reading my blog.

It's not that interesting I think hahahaha but Who cares. hahaha


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