24th Birthday in JAPAN!!


THIS is my 24th birthday celebrated in Japan, it's my 2nd time so, it feels as if I am in Japan for 2 years but actually not. It's just that my birthday is in December (7th to be exact!!) so I get to celebrate it!

So this is the people who celebrated my birthday with me!!! We made CHEESE FONDUE for the night!!! YEAY!!

And with generous KANPAI(s) with NO-ALCOHOL, because I am alcohol intolerant, we started our dining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

The cheese was OK, as usual, Cheese or any dairy products in Japan is very weak in taste, it felt as if I was eating cream instead. LOL not cheese.
But since everybody was so nice, I love them alot, it really made my day!

And, since Fugu-chan worked like crazy during last week, I assumed he is not going to come AT ALL.

But HE CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only spent 2 hours in Tokyo and back to Tochigi which takes like 1.5 hours by Shinkansen one way.
He ordered this cake which says "Mellissa, we love you".

So sweet, and he gave me 2 presents. (One was like 2 weeks ago and another one on my birthday).

Everybody knew he was gonna come except me of course, and it was a pleasant surprise.
I was really touched but I am just the type of person who can not cry unless something upsets me badly.So here is me and him with my cake with a birthday song in the background!
And, FYI, Fugu-chan decorated the whole room with balloons and it took him the whole day, and I think it was the day when I did my JLPT test.

And Especially Fugu chan, the love of my life.

Now, I wonder whose cake this is, since I am not 23 years old! hahahahhahahha
This lady is actually a friend of mine, she's from Korea and her birthday is on the 8th which is exactly next to my birthday.

So at the exact 12 AM, we knocked on her door, sang her happy birthday and made her blew candles. Then we went downstairs (again) to cut her cake heheheheheehheeeeeeeeeeeeee
She's a sweet girl!
Me and her..... with her cake. hehehehe I gave her a neck-warmer present so that she doesn't feel cold. Love her to bits since she's cute.
All of us eating Fondue hahahahahahahahaha

I think this is one of the sweetest birthdays I had, it was a fond memory to have a special day celebrated with your friends and your beloved.

Thank you God for this opportunity and please bless everyone with happiness even though we may face a lot of upcoming troubles in the future.

IT WAS A DAMN AWESOME 24TH birthday..!!!!

Oh, a friend of mine also wrote me a poem, he wrote this 25 lines of poem by himself.
And also a necklace by the same person with my initial 'M'.
He's awesome.

Sorry this post is not really about Japan but about myself and OAKHOUSE RYOGOKU.
I hope you like what you read and that this house is totally awesome.



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