Shu Uemura 2010 Christmas Collection

Shu oh Shu......................................... What can I say about Shu?
Shu Uemura's been my favourite make-up brand ever since I discovered his pencil concealer.
After that, I just fell in love one by one, his Foundation Architect which I am onto my 2nd bottle and now his Christmas 2010 Make up Collection.
For your information, I only bought 2 items. This palette above, and the deck-built lip gloss-lip stick.

Then of course the colours!!! I chose this palette instead of the more glamorous one because EVERYONE IS JUST BORING.

Same colours, same gold - brown - colours, put some COLOURS in your life i mean Face :p

Anyways, The turquoise blue, the gray glitter colour and the slightly aquamarine blue are super soft and easy to apply and I have to inform that they stay on!

It is better if you use primer first as base then apply your eye-shadows.
The 2 colours at the sides are your eyeliner as well as highlighter. The darker one is the eyeliner which is brownish colour, while the light beige colour is for highlighting I think.

I guess I am not that good in reviewing make up ey? hahahaha I only know how to apply. LOL
I have not used the brushes because I hate using palette brushes, I think they're just there to fill up the compact. But, I don't know maybe some of you have used it before? I don't know the quality of Shu's brushes but I hope to get some feedback on that.

This is the lipgloss that I picked and I AM IN LOVE.
I have always LOVED RED. RED LIPs is my trademark (when going out) and I always need to have RED lipsticks in my make-up container, everywhere... I have one from Benefit and this one from Shu.

I looked at the other lipglosses, they are pretty but they're too dolly-colours for me. I think there is this pink one that LOOKS oh so pretty and princessy, but I am a bit of a tomboy and I prefer bold colour.

Not only pink, they also have another set ( so in total there are 3) which is peach colour, but nah, I have one from MAC.

SO I love this one so much and you can build up the colour from light red up to deep red. Just use your finger or lip brush.
But since the red lipstick is matte based, it's better to use primer/lipbalm first then apply the lippy--> lipgloss.
Btw, when I am writing this blog, there is this dog that keeps howling whenever those AC-Television-Furnitures cars prowling around the hood. They use these BIG microphones so people can hear them coming to call them over and pick up unused electricity appliances etc.

But really, THEY'RE LOUD... babies can cry and jump from their sleep because of their loud noises! ARGH... :p
Oh well, kinda used to it since the Japanese politicians often do the same as well, with their cars and Travel around making speeches.

I wonder why Australia would not do the same? Maybe some of us might be too aggressive so when we see one we'll jump straight at them? Phewww...!! Tough being an OZ but gotta be proud as well right? hehehe

Anyway, lastly, I would like to show the video of the Shu Uemura 2010 Christmas Collection so that you can see their advertisement video. PLUS:::::: THEIR LINK in Japanese.

I am sure there is an English text but since I am in Japan and want to practice my eyes in Japanese, I gotta post it in Japanese. Oh, you can also get the prices from the website.

There you go!

Thanks for reading lovelies!



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