Running Away Temporarily away from Japan- Nuclear (acid rain)

Currently, already 9 people who have been affected by radiation.
The govt said they're unsure whether it's already leaking or just a fear of leaking (WHAT DA)

But of course they are trying to cover things up so that we don't panic.

My friends in Sydney asked me to go back and my family persuaded me as well.
I feel reluctant to go back but I can't help making them worried.

The friends I will leave temporarily have each other, I will cook them food during the blackouts in Tokyo that starts from Monday because we are lacking power.
They said they'll turn the electricity off for every 3 hours.

I don't want them to feel hunger and I don't want them to feel cold because everything in the supermarkets are sold out.

Good thing I am a stock up person LOL I stock up a lot of food (instant food).
So I will make them something before I leave on Monday.

My flight's been booked, it's moved from the 8th of April to tomorrow.

All I need right now is to pay a month's advance rent.
Mail my teachers.
Book Airport Limousine to Narita.

That's it...... oh gosh....T_T


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